Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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ResiWeek 402: Ring The Bell

Keep Circulating The Tapes It’s time to discuss the biggest stories surrounding the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Senior Director of Marketing for Crestron Michael Short, Cogent360 Founder Dave Chace, and Data Solutions Architect & Evangelist for D-Tools Jason Knott. Best Buy is going to kill their sales of DVD & Blu-Rays by the start of next year. This isn’t just limited to in-store, but online sale as well. Streaming services have been taking precedent for the media space, but this is a potentially alarming concept for ownership and lost media in general. What does this mean for integrators, though? Next we have some words from Henry Clifford about managing sales teams with bumper lanes. Unless your project involves an actual bowling alley, these are proverbial bumper lanes to gently guide your sales team to ensure ideal projects with solid targets. How integrators can apply these bumpers to their own business. D-Tools has a report looking at the revenue from change orders within a project. The 2023 D-Tools Change Order Special Report looks at actual projects using their cloud services to discover that integrators are more than five times more likely to increase their revenues from change orders than lose money. Looking at where projects grow and what integrators can do as scopes change.
Host: Matt Scott
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