Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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YOU ARE AT:TIDE Generator Episode 2: User Experience, Redefined

TIDE Generator Episode 2: User Experience, Redefined

We are in the midst of a global reimagining of how people will interact with the physical and human elements of public spaces. Seeking answers on the modes and means by which we will gather and connect, in this episode of the TIDE Generator podcast we consider two areas consistently at the forefront of engagement: museums and events.

With an unprecedented opportunity to completely shut down and reboot the experience in these venues, what are designers looking to implement first for a safe reopening? How are new modes of thinking about where and how we’ll assemble in groups catalyzing the integration of new touchless and screenless technologies? In what other ways will AV and interactive technologies come to the forefront of new designs? How might today’s challenges actually be a catalyst for realizing some imaginative new uses of technology?

Our guests in this episode bring their future-oriented experience in the museum and event experience design worlds to share some ideas about which technological trends are already being realized by these new requirements. Joining us to talk about “User Experience, Redefined” are Emily Conrad, Co-Founder and President of Tessellate Studio, who is also an adjunct professor within New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, and Songul Aslanturk, User Experience Design Lead with Google.

Check out the podcast to hear how their work is already changing in the reflection of new ways of gathering in museums and event spaces. And read more from TIDE about their ideas for our future.




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