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AVNation was created for the purpose of bringing high quality broadcasts (or netcasts) to the AV community. We envisioned building a network of industry professionals who are passionately engaged in furthering the AV industry through education and knowledge. One of the premiere functions of AVNation is to help industry professionals provide first hand knowledge to other professionals across North America and the World.

Over the last four years, AVNation has grown being able to provide more shows as well as broader coverage of various AV industry events. As the offerings have expanded, so have the costs. In addition to AVNation’s generous underwriters, we have decided to accept tips from any and all at any amount. We believe that each of us making a small contribution are able to make a large change by providing an independent news source. There are no levels or premiums as are typical in Patreon and Kickstarter, just the knowledge that you are helping to spread knowledge.

We believe in equality but also acknowledging a gift. We will acknowledge your support but will not list the amount on the website. If you would prefer to be anonymous, simply note that in the submission form.

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