Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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CTI Acquires Vistacom, Inc. Expands NOC and Control Room Practice

CTI, the largest privately held AV integration and events provider in the U.S., has acquired Vistacom, Inc. of Allentown, Pennsylvania, adding the company’s proven NOC and Control Room design and integration services to CTI’s portfolio. CTI serves customers nationwide, with locations spread from Michigan to Texas, New Jersey to California, and worldwide as a member of the PSNI Global Alliance.

Starin Providing Tailored AV Solutions

Expanding AV Solutions AVNation’s Tim Albright recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Tony Fragale, a representative from Starin Marketing, at the CTI National Sales Meeting. Starin Marketing partners with CTI to distribute their AV solutions, including their newly...

Deliver Video to Any Screen with IPTV

The Superpower of IPTV AVNation’s Tim Albright spoke with Hamish McMillan from VITEC at a recent technology event about their robust IPTV platform for encoding and distributing video streams across enterprises. While the industry continues embracing AV over IP, VITEC...

Encode HDMI Distribution at the Source with Wall Plates

Many ways for HDMI distribution Sending HDMI signals over the network in professional AV environments requires encoders to packetize the video. Visionary takes an engineered approach to HDMI distribution, putting encoders right at the source devices via wall plates. AVNation's...

Flexible LED Displays Offer New Possibilities

Exceptional Experiences with Flexible LED LED display technology continues advancing in exciting ways, including the development of new customizable and flexible LED panels and walls from Nanolumens. AVNation’s Tim Albright spoke with Ben Watkins from Nanolumens at a recent industry...

ZeeVee’s Pioneering Role in AV Over IP: Cost-Efficiency, Scalability, and Robust Security

Joseph Chordas from ZeeVee discussed their commitment to pushing the boundaries of AV technology at the CTI National Sales Meeting, highlighting the constantly evolving AV landscape.

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference vs. InfoComm: Higher Ed Tradeshow Help!

A listener who works in HigherEd recently learned about EDUCAUSE Annual Conference and wanted to know if they should attend next year. It's a great question, especially since in 2023 AVIXA started working together with HETMA to officially bring HigherEd AV professionals to the InfoComm.

Panasonic Modernizes Broadcast Production with KAIROS IP Switching

IP Broadcast Production Iconic production equipment manufacturer Panasonic sustains pushing boundaries helping studios efficiently embrace IP broadcast production workflows. Product evangelist Theo Roll showcases their software-defined KAIROS platform simplifying complex show coordination via unlimited virtual control layers. IT-savvy engineering builds...

Neat Recreates Meetings with Life-Like Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration IRL While video conferencing enables remote interactions, physical distances still inhibit emulating face-to-face engagement's nuances. Elise Bloomstine, from Neat, explains how their video collaboration solutions aim to convey nonverbal cues getting lost transmitting only voices and faces. Unique...

Lightware Extends USB-C for Seamless BYOD Collaboration

USB-C Magic AV signal management innovator Lightware increasingly spots trends before competitors, preparing polished solutions ahead of mass adoption. With USB-C cementing itself as the universal connectivity standard via Apple adoption, Lightware already enables customers to unlock its potential for...

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