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Cobra Simulation Adopts Scalable Display Technologies

Cobra Simulation, a UK-based company specializing in immersive dome projection solutions for interactive training environments, has standardized on the use of Scalable Display Technologies‘ software for projection warping and blending.

The company leverages cutting-edge computer-aided design applications and ray-tracing software to develop cost-effective and innovative solutions. Scalable’s technology has enabled Cobra to build systems with dual viewports, combining two separate sources of a rendered scene into one and displaying it on a single projector. The software can be seamlessly integrated into the application and easily corrected to the user’s eye point.

8K Training

Cobra Simulation’s immersive virtual reality systems feature 8K display technology, patented folded lens systems, and motion-tracking technology, creating a full-body sense of presence in a virtual environment. These systems are utilized for mission-critical training across various sectors, including military and medical.

Managing director Alexander Bradley emphasizes the importance of providing a high-quality, high-fidelity, and highly immersive experience. While Cobra has its own warping software, Cobra OmniWarp, it is designed for single-channel applications and lacks direct integration with other solutions. The company required a more comprehensive solution for complex projects involving multiple projectors.

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Cobra Simulation Stands Apart

Scalable Display Technologies, the inventor of camera-based automatic warp and blend technology, develops software that automatically converges the outputs of multiple projectors into a single seamless display. Bradley tested various warp-and-blend solutions and found Scalable’s technology to be unique, as it was specifically designed for simulation and training. The technology allows Cobra to deliver specialized education and training to their clients and staff.

The simplicity of Scalable’s technology sets it apart from other solutions on the market. Scalable holds several patents that allow it to utilize unique algorithms and processes in its software, simplifying the entire process. This ease of use eliminates the complexity of Cobra’s products, making it accessible to users without a deep technical background.

As Cobra Simulation continues to push the boundaries of immersive training solutions, the integration of Scalable Display Technologies’ software ensures that their systems deliver unparalleled visual experiences while maintaining simplicity and user-friendliness.


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