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Las Vegas Underwater: Cosmopolitan New Digital Art Installation

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has taken the concept of Las Vegas Underwater to a whole new level with its recently unveiled digital art installation in the hotel lobby. The stunning piece, titled “Opulence,” immerses guests in a captivating underwater-themed experience, showcasing the hotel’s commitment to creating unforgettable moments.

Cosmopolitan Opulence
Cosmopolitan Opulence

Created by Montreal-based experiential design studio Float4 in collaboration with Aquamedias, a studio specializing in underwater live-action projects, the installation features eight 5-meter-tall LCD columns displaying distinct yet synchronized themes. The visuals tell a mesmerizing story across the hotel lobby, bringing the idea of “Las Vegas Underwater” to life.

Visual Experience

Float4 founder Alexandre Simionescu discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by the project, stating, “Creating content for a space of this scale presented its challenges, both technical and creative. With over 350 high-resolution displays spread across the eight columns, we had to adapt content production to the 3D environment. Our approach centered on amplifying the space and creating an experience that immerses guests in an AV manifestation of the brand, taking ‘Las Vegas Underwater’ to new heights.”

The installation showcases footage of performers from various backgrounds, including a synchronized swimmer, yoga instructor, and dancers, all shot by Aquamedias. The visuals extend beyond the LCD columns to a 23-meter-wide band of tiled displays behind the hotel’s check-in counter and can even be viewed on the beacon atop The Cosmopolitan, ensuring that the “Las Vegas Underwater” theme is visible throughout the property.

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Las Vegas Underwater Art

Cosmopolitan Opulence
Cosmopolitan Opulence

Sarah Ouellet, Float4’s creative director, explained the concept behind the installation, saying, “Our goal was to capture the intangible feeling of entering The Cosmopolitan, where guests become a version of themselves they don’t see every day – a bolder, untamed version.” The underwater theme is a visual metaphor of the hotel’s brand, echoing what happens under the surface and the pleasure of discovery. A Las Vegas underwater AV art install encapsulates this idea.

With this new digital art installation, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas continues to push the boundaries of experiential design, offering its guests a unique and memorable “Las Vegas Underwater” experience from the moment they enter the lobby.


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