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OneVision and VITAL Announce New Partnership to Help CI Professionals Elevate their Businesses

OneVision offers service solutions for CI professionals, enhancing client experience, work-life balance, and revenue generation. VITAL, a business excellence platform, has helped over 400 integrators optimize their businesses using technology, benchmarking, and personal guidance.

OneVision Resources and VITAL have formed a strategic partnership to provide their respective customers with access to exclusive offers aimed at enhancing the health and performance of integration businesses. This includes complimentary business advisory sessions for OneVision customers and discounted access to OneVision’s onboarding service for VITAL members.

The partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both companies in support and business excellence to help integration professionals maximize their potential and achieve their business goals. By collaborating, they can make their solutions more accessible and provide integrators with the tools and support they need to succeed in the industry.

OneVision Resources and VITAL have announced a new strategic partnership aimed at helping their respective customers further enhance the health and performance of their integration businesses through access to exclusive offers for shared customers.

VITAL, a business excellence platform for the CI channel, and OneVision, an award-winning provider of support and RMR solutions, share a common goal of helping integrators drive improved business results by leveraging proven processes, technology, and best practices. Now, for the first time, these two companies are collaborating to provide greater access to their proven solutions for integrators looking to take their businesses to the next level.

As part of the new partnership, existing OneVision customers will have access to a complimentary VITAL “CI Business Advisory” session. Valued at $250, these exclusive consultative sessions are designed to help business owners, principals, and leadership teams unpack complex operational challenges with the expert assistance of a VITAL Guide.

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“Both OneVision and VITAL have a shared passion for helping CI professionals maximize their potential,” says Matt Bernath, President of VITAL. “We’re excited to work together to make our solutions easily accessible for integrators in our shared networks who are ready to level up their businesses.”

Existing VITAL members will also benefit from this new partnership with access to 25% off of OneVision’s onboarding service. With the release of their new Flex Support Packages late last year, OneVision’s 24/7 white-label support and turnkey RMR solutions are more accessible than ever before. This special offer will lower the barrier to entry even further by providing VITAL customers with discounted access to

OneVision’s proven implementation and onboarding process which ensures that integrators hit the ground running with the company’s award-winning solutions.

“In our discussions with VITAL, it has been immediately obvious how aligned both companies are on empowering integrators to elevate their businesses,” says Brad Camp, OneVision’s Director of Business Development. “By working together, we aim to help as many CI pros as we can to achieve their goals by leveraging proven operational frameworks and best practices.”

Existing OneVision and VITAL customers can take advantage of these special offers starting right away.


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