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Deliver Video to Any Screen with IPTV

The Superpower of IPTV

AVNation’s Tim Albright spoke with Hamish McMillan from VITEC at a recent technology event about their robust IPTV platform for encoding and distributing video streams across enterprises. While the industry continues embracing AV over IP, VITEC sets themselves apart with true IPTV built on standardized protocols.

At its core, IPTV involves encapsulating video into MPEG transport streams for delivery over IP networks. This allows for displaying broadcast-quality video on virtually any screen from desktop web browsers to mobile devices and smart TVs. It’s an ideal fit for large-scale deployments with hundreds or thousands of endpoints.

Flexible Integration

IPTV seamlessly integrates with other solutions like digital signage for blended content. Imagine healthcare waiting room screens showing dynamic information alongside live video feeds for patient entertainment. Retail environments can combine digital menus and promotions with IPTV streams of sporting events to draw shoppers.

The ability to ingest many video sources into a standardized IP distribution framework creates endless possibilities. VITEC makes it simple to manage the ingest, encoding, streaming, and display of video while meeting network requirements.

IPTV Bandwidth Efficiency

One major advantage of IPTV lies in bandwidth efficiency. While AV over IP typically demands hefty pipelines, IPTV encoding utilizes efficient video codecs like H.264 to conserve bandwidth without sacrificing quality. VITEC shared that their streams average around 6 Mbps, allowing support for 100 endpoints in the pipeline space of a single AV over IP feed.

This efficiency means large-scale deployments usually integrate smoothly onto existing corporate networks. There’s no need for dedicated, redundant networks to support IP VIDEO across campuses and buildings. VITEC streamlines all aspects of an IPTV workflow from video capture equipment through encoders, media servers, and decoders.

Enterprise-Wide Potential

Thanks to standardized formats and network-friendly delivery, IP video solutions scale gracefully. It’s just as easy to have 10 displays in a small school as it is to have 10,000 endpoints across a global enterprise. IPTV expands beyond digital signage to reach computers through web browsers for campus-wide access.

For wide-reaching video distribution across massive yet cost-effective footprints, IP video checks all the boxes. VITEC continues leading the way with innovations in efficient encoding, streaming, and display technologies.

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