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Flexible LED Displays Offer New Possibilities

Exceptional Experiences with Flexible LED

LED display technology continues advancing in exciting ways, including the development of new customizable and flexible LED panels and walls from Nanolumens. AVNation’s Tim Albright spoke with Ben Watkins from Nanolumens at a recent industry event about their bendable Nixel Series LED displays that can conform to virtually any shape.

The flexibility of these LEDs opens up a whole new range of possibilities for creative installations and inventive ways to capture audience attention. As Ben demonstrated firsthand, these LED sheets can curve concave or convex and wrap around objects, walls, stages, exhibits, and more.

Custom-Designed Flexibility

Everything is designed and fabricated specifically for each unique installation at Nanolumens’ headquarters in Atlanta. With completely customized LED products, they can fit the size, shape, and curvature needs of the client. The flexibility also allows for easy transportation and on-site manipulations to bend and install the LEDs exactly as intended based on the space.

Warranty Provides Peace of Mind

Nanolumens stands behind these innovative flexible LED displays by including an industry-leading six-year warranty. As Ben explained, this covers 100,000 hours to guarantee reliability and reduce the risk of failures. If any LEDs stop functioning properly during those six years, Nanolumens sends replacement LED lights and repairs the wall without any additional costs.

They produce 5 percent spare LED lights with each display and split those between the client’s location and their Atlanta headquarters. That ensures quick replacements if needed to minimize any disruption for the end customer.

Eco-Conscious Flexible LED

With sustainability becoming increasingly important, it’s worthwhile to note Nanolumen’s environmental commitments. Specifically, their flexible Nixel Series LED panels utilize virgin plastics rather than recycled plastics for the LED lights. This delivers superior performance and longevity that lasts for the duration of the generous six-year warranty.

Creative Potential in Action

From eye-catching digital signage in retail spaces to immersive LED backdrops at concerts and events, the possibilities span across industries. Nanolumen’s flexible, durable, and vivid LED technology enables so many innovative applications that are only limited by one’s imagination.

The capacity to freely bend, shape, mold, hang, and manipulate these LED panels opens up new creative avenues compared to rigid traditional LED walls. I’m excited to see how clients leverage these kinds of bendable LEDs in new and captivating ways.

To learn more about Nanolumens and their line of custom LED display solutions with both flexible and rigid options available, visit


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