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ZeeVee’s Pioneering Role in AV Over IP: Cost-Efficiency, Scalability, and Robust Security

The AV landscape is constantly evolving, and at the recent CTI National Sales Meeting, we had the opportunity to sit down with Joseph Chordas from ZeeVee to gain insights into the cutting-edge advancements in audio and video distribution. In this engaging conversation, we explored ZEEVEE’s role as a key vendor and a member of the Professional Systems Network (PSN), shedding light on their commitment to pushing the boundaries of AV technology.

ZeeVee is at the forefront of the distribution of audio and video across coaxial networks, with a significant focus on AV over IP. As one of the founding members of the SDVoE Alliance, ZeeVee has been instrumental in transforming the AV matrix and bringing AV over IP to the forefront of the industry.

One of the common roadblocks in the adoption of AV over IP is the perceived cost. However, Joseph Chordas emphasized how ZeeVee has successfully addressed this concern. With real-world examples, including a project at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas involving 185 multi-view iterations, ZeeVee showcased not only the power but also the cost-efficiency of their AV over IP solutions.

In the interview, Joseph Chordas highlighted the importance of considering the total cost of ownership when implementing AV over IP solutions. ZeeVee ‘s approach goes beyond the initial cost, providing flexibility and scalability that result in substantial cost savings over traditional approaches. This focus on long-term value ensures that organizations can embrace AV over IP without being burdened by prohibitive costs.

A standout feature of ZeeVee’s offerings is the ZeeVee management platform. This unified interface supports both their 1 gig and 10 gig solutions, simplifying network setup, recognizing endpoints, and enabling the creation of unlimited multi-views. This user-friendly platform empowers integrators and end-users to manage their IP streams efficiently and effectively.

Security is paramount, especially in sectors like government and healthcare. Joseph Chordas underscored ZeeVee’s commitment to security, citing rigorous testing and robust measures in place. ZeeVee’s solutions are designed to not only meet current security standards but also future-proof organizations against evolving threats.



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