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How Bluefin interactive displays propel your message on campus

Customizable Interactive Displays

Corporate or education campuses need to get a message out. That message could be a movie night in the commons or healthcare sign-up. Everyone has a story to tell. Today that story is told through digital signage and an interactive display creates more interest. At DSE 2023 this year, I was able to get a bit more information about Bluefin.

As an IT director at a corporation or university, finding the right interactive display solution to meet a variety of needs across your organization can be challenging. Bluefin interactive displays provide a versatile all-in-one solution designed to check every box.

Content and custom

Susan Wilhite
Susan Wilhite

“Custom is king”, says Susan Wilhite, Senior Director of Business Development for Bluefin. “We can install the top operating systems in digital signage making any content management software integrate seamlessly.”

Bluefin recognizes that every organization has unique requirements when it comes to interactive displays. That’s why the company makes customization a cornerstone of its offering. You can tailor Bluefin displays for specific use cases within your company or institution and customize based on size, form factor, operating system preference, content management system, and more.

That customization allows IT directors to standardize across the local campus and around the world. Bluefin future-proofs many of their displays in their Flex-OS series with HDMI override. This provides flexibility to use an external device connected to your display, ensuring compatibility as future technologies improve. The HDMI input allows for easy connection to a variety of devices, making it easy to display content from any source.

Customers aren’t tied to a single content management system. When it’s time to upgrade or change OS it’s as simple as changing a module.

Agnostic Interactive Displays

The ability to use nearly every content platform available gives users ultimate flexibility. Bluefin interactive displays are designed to be operating system agnostic. That means the hardware is compatible with various platforms like Windows, Android, Linux and BrightSign and allows you to leverage your organization’s existing software investments. As long as the OS can power an interactive display, Bluefin can handle it. This versatility also future-proofs any investment in the displays.  The Bluefin displays can also be equipped with an HDMI display to take content directly from a media player. This is the utmost in custom.

Creatives aren’t limited to a standard resolution, either. Digital calendars, bulletin boards, and paperless notices can be pretty standard. If you are looking for a unique experience, though, Bluefin gives you the ability to create wide-form, portrait, or other variations in interactive displays.

Modular and Extensible

As technology needs to evolve over the lifespan of an interactive display, Bluefin makes sure their solutions can evolve as well. Every display has a modular design, making add-ons like cameras, speakers, barcode scanners and easier to incorporate. Rather than scrapping your investment for a brand-new system, you can simply add new modular components from Bluefin’s ecosystem of accessories as your interactive display requirements change over time.

Rapid Manufacturing and Delivery

One key advantage of Bluefin as an interactive display provider is its ownership of the manufacturing facility. The vertical integration means Bluefin can produce customized solutions tailored to client needs far faster than relying on a third-party manufacturer. You’ll see finished products delivered just 4-6 weeks from the order date in most cases. For corporations and universities on tight timelines, this accelerated manufacturing and shipping makes rapid deployment of new displays possible across your locations. Inventory of commonly requested signage configurations is now available in their Cumming, GA warehouse for immediate delivery.

In our contemporary digital landscape, the imperative for enterprises and academia alike is to discover dynamic display solutions that captivate audiences and unlock innovative possibilities. With Bluefin’s versatile, customizable all-in-one interactive displays, IT leaders can meet current and future display technology needs.


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