Monday, June 17, 2024
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Technology Designer Magazine Opens Call for Entries for the Performance Home Awards 2024

Technology Designer LLC, founded in 2018, profiles technology in luxury residential and commercial design, focusing on its intersection with design to meet expectations of luxury home and small business owners.

Technology Designer Magazine has announced the call for entries for the Performance Home Awards 2024. This awards program aims to recognize excellence in smart home technology, focusing on design, technology, and user experience. It is open to individuals and organizations involved in the creation and promotion of consumer technology products that became or will become available between September 2023 and September 2024. Entries are accepted until July 15, with early bird pricing available until June 14.

The announcement serves to inform and encourage designers, manufacturers, and promoters of smart home technology to participate in the awards program. By recognizing and celebrating innovation in smart home technology, the Performance Home Awards aim to highlight advancements that enhance intelligent living, align with homeowner visions, and push the boundaries of technology integration in homes.

Technology Designer Magazine, the leading authority in smart home technology for the design-build community, today announced its call for entries to the highly anticipated Performance Home Awards 2024, a program that aims to recognize excellence and innovation in design, technology achievements, and user experiences for smart home products and intelligent system designs across the United States. The Performance Home Awards celebrate the evolution of technology in the dynamic smart home category, showcasing stylish updates to favorite rooms while aligning with homeowners’ and design-build teams’ visions and expectations.

“The Performance Home Awards celebrate the cutting edge of smart home technology, showcasing the most innovative and impactful designs that are redefining the future of intelligent living,” said Douglas Weinstein, Technology Designer Editor-in-Chief. “This program honors the visionaries who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and delivering experiences that truly enhance the way we live in our homes. We’re excited to see how technology designers and manufacturers challenge the status quo and present their most exciting concepts to our panel of experts.”

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The judging process for the Performance Home Awards focuses on three main criteria:

  • Design: Evaluation of the product or system design’s appearance and its integration into existing décor.
  • Technology: Assessment of the product or system design’s functionality and its innovative features.
  • User Experience: Examination of the product or system design’s interface and how consumers interact with it.

The Technology Designer Performance Home Awards program is open to any individual, organization, or authorized agent who manufactures, designs, engineers, or promotes consumer technology products. Smart home products submitted must be available in the market for the first time after Sept. 1, 2023, or projected to be available for order or sale by Sept. 7, 2024. Winners are eligible to be profiled in Technology Designer Magazine.

Registration for the Performance Home Awards is open now through July 15, providing an opportunity for industry leaders to showcase their innovations and be recognized for their contributions to the smart home landscape. Early bird special pricing is available for those who enter before June 14.


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