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Encode HDMI Distribution at the Source with Wall Plates

Many ways for HDMI distribution

Sending HDMI signals over the network in professional AV environments requires encoders to packetize the video. Visionary takes an engineered approach to HDMI distribution, putting encoders right at the source devices via wall plates. AVNation’s Tim Albright discussed the benefits of this method with Tim Murray from Visionary during a recent industry event.

By encoding the HDMI signals at the point of origin rather than routing source devices to distant encoders, enables simpler system designs without extra connection legs. Common applications like meeting rooms, classrooms, and conference spaces often mandate HDMI inputs at a wall plate rather than a table box.

Visionary’s encoders consume very little power, allowing them to reside safely in a wall plate without overheating issues. Competitors typically can’t achieve such a compact, cool-running design, so their recommendation is sending uncompressed HDMI from the wall to remote encoders. This adds cabling, costs, rack space, and potential failure points.

Gigabit Ethernet HDMI Distribution

All Visionary products utilize standard Gigabit Ethernet to move encoded video across existing network infrastructures. Designed as “good network citizens,” the encoders and decoders integrate seamlessly without requiring proprietary networks or complicated configurations.

IT administrators appreciate AV solutions like Visionary’s that tap into the network without headaches. Since the components consume low power, they extend the capabilities of PoE switches for more cost-efficient infrastructure. It’s a robust, scalable system that delivers flawless HD video distribution.

Flexible Video Wall Capabilities

Beyond point-to-point video routing, Visionary’s platform powers elaborate multi-display video walls. Their Video Wall Processor takes multiple encoded sources and decodes them to feed various outputs making up the video wall.

Users gain tremendous flexibility in arranging, positioning, and managing content across a video wall. Intuitive software helps configure the system exactly as desired across an endless array of monitors.

This software-defined solution works with standard Ethernet networks and monitors to create stunning video walls of any dimension or layout. It simplifies the deployment, operation, and maintenance of multi-display installations.

Visionary Solutions

Visionary continues pushing AV distribution technology forward with innovations optimized for real-world applications. The reliability, versatility, and performance across corporate, education, hospitality, healthcare, and other verticals prove impressive. To explore Visionary’s solutions for transporting, managing, and displaying AV signals over IP networks, visit their website at


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