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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Z-Wave Alliance Hosts 30+ Leading Smart Home Brands in Z-Wave Pavilion at #CES2018

The largest smart home presence in the Sands, the Z-Wave Pavilion will include a walk-through demo home running on the Nexia platform that works with the Google Assistant and 30+ smart home brands launching new products
Las Vegas, NV –– January 9, 2018, 6:00 am PST, Sands Booth 41717 – The Z-Wave Alliance, an open consortium of leading global companies deploying Z-Wave, will host the largest smart home footprint this year at CES 2018. The Pavilion will for the first time include over 30 smart home brands with new IoT devices, along with a full walk through home demonstrating different brands working together to create one cohesive smart home experience. The Z-Wave Experience Home will include five demo areas and showcase a multi-brand ecosystem with products all working together on the Z-Wave platform.
Z-Wave Experience Home
With a focus on making consumer lives safer, smarter, comfortable and convenient, Z-Wave interoperable devices will be featured throughout the demo home. The Z-Wave Home will run on the Nexia platform with mobile app and feature the Google Assistant integration powering the kitchen scenes. The Z-Wave Home will also include DIY products from sponsors Jasco, Fibaro, Aeotec, Dome and Guardian, all running on the interoperable Z-Wave IoT standard. Each room will feature customized scenes based on real life use cases for smart home devices.
Ecosystem Growth
The Z-Wave Alliance is announcing 2018 stats for its smart home ecosystem; Z-Wave is now found in over 2400 certified devices with Alliance membership now at over 700 companies. To date, the number of Z-Wave smart home devices in the market has reached 94 million.  Z-Wave is backwards-compatible and interoperable, and has the highest levels of security, making it a trustworthy, long-lasting and safe choice for consumers. The Z-Wave Alliance welcomed several leading companies to their Board of Directors this year, including Alarm.com, ASSA ABLOY and Huawei.
Z-Wave Pavilion
The Z-Wave Pavilion makes up the largest footprint in the Sands Smart Home Marketplace and will feature over 30 brands with new smart home gear. Expect to see a good deal of voice integration, including new Google Assistant integrations, along with a host of new devices that feature Z-Wave S2 Security. Z-Wave S2 Security is a new framework that features the highest levels of cybersecurity for smart home devices and is mandatory on all new Z-Wave certified devices after April 2, 2017.
Z-Wave Pavilion members include:

  • abode systems will demonstrate iota, an all-in-one DIY home security system with a built-in HD camera and Z-Wave and HomeKit functionality.
  • Aeotec will launch eight new Z-Wave products including new lighting, security and control solutions.
  • August Locks will demonstrate their Z-Wave Plus Certified August Smart Lock Pro that adds secure, keyless entry to the home.
  • Blaze Automation is introducing the B.One™ Chatbots for Facebook and LINE messengers and the B.One™ Home Energy Management System (HEMS).
  • Connection Technology Systems (CTS) will demonstrate their latest SiMPNiC IoT solutions of four hubs that work with the Google Assistant.
  • Dome by Elexa Consumer Products will display their new Z-Wave Range Extender, a first of its kind Z-Wave range extender that supports larger deployments of Z-Wave automation systems.
  • Enerwave Automation will introduce the ZW500DM and ZW15RM products, both of which offer “Smart Meter” technology built into the devices and allow consumers to see energy usage for each application.
  • eZLO will demonstrate the affordable ZLINK Smart Home Hub, utilizing eZLO’s OEM smart home automation technology.
  • Fibaro will showcase the Z-Wave smart Wall Plug and will announce compatibility with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and Apple Siri for voice control.
  • Flex Automation will demonstrate the new Flux app, now with scheduling support via the cloud and integration with the Guardian Water Valve.
  • Gerber Prime will introduce their Universal Dongles, PrimeSwitch and PrimeBox, to the smart home market.
  • Guardian will demonstrate the Guardian Leak Prevention System, the first water leak prevention solution with a double leak detection system.
  • Hank Electronics will showcase a Flood Sensor and Motion Sensor that are the company’s first Z-Wave Security S2 based sensors.
  • Hogar Controls will launch the new Milo Smart Home Speaker, the first-ever combination smart speaker and home hub to include support for Z-Wave Plus and work with the Google Assistant.
  • HomeSeer is introducing their new “200 Series” wall switch, dimmer and fan controller.
  • Jasco Products will showcase their line of Z-Wave smart home products, as well as new products currently under development.
  • Kwikset will display their line of smart locks that deliver security, quality and convenience.
  • Leedarson will display their Amazon Alexa compatible smart plug. The company will also reveal their series of Z-Wave smart bulbs including A60 and BR30 bulbs.
  • MCOHome Technology will showcase the Ocpad custom hardware that allows customers to develop their own software and new dimmer touch panels.
  • MiOS will demonstrate their new Vera products including VistaCam 1200 Doorbell Camera with Amazon Echo Show, VeraEasyStart Support Service and UI8.
  • Nexia will showcase their new to CES RoomIQ feature for Trane and American Standard HVAC comfort systems, Trane XL724, a programmable touch-screen thermostat and ZSENS930, a new Z-Wave wireless temperature sensor.
  • Oomi will display their simple to setup smart home system.
  • Philio will have their Smart Control Switch, Full HD Ipcam, Ule Voice Controller 4, PIR Sensor and Smart IR Controller Doorlock on display.
  • Qubino is introducing the first Z-Wave RGB Night Light with sound alerts. The device notifies users with either blinking colors or a sounded alarm.
  • Remotec will demonstrate their Z-Wave slim repeater that makes networks complete and free of dead spots.
  • SecureNet will showcase their Z-Wave platform that expands the capabilities of central monitoring stations and alarm systems dealers.
  • SIMPNIC, will demonstrate their latest solutions corresponding with the Google Assistant including four different gateways/hubs: SG-1, SG-2, SG-3 & SG-4.
  • Saykey will introduce their new curtain motor box that features open, close, pause and scene controls. It also supports DC power supply.
  • Smarty will introduce their Z-Wave controller that is programmable with Node.JS. It is compact, affordable and compatible with all major Z-Wave enabled devices.
  • StarVedia, will demonstrate their new Doorbell Camera with a built in Z-Wave Gateway/Hub that gives users the opportunity to view live video from the device to the app.
  • URC will demonstrate the new Total Control 2.0 smart home automation and control system. They will also provide live demonstrations of MX HomePro, designed to control entertainment plus smart home technology.
  • VEMMIO will display Tap Tap, a device that makes any surface smart. Once installed and programmed, the user taps the surface where Tap Tap is attached to control a scene without the need for a key fob.
  • Vision will showcase their U-Bell, Keypad, Outdoor Siren and showing multiple security and automation solutions in their pod.
  • WeBee will introduce their Smartee Gen 2 ZWave® plus smart hub and eny, an energy-harvesting one touch automation technology.
  • Yale will be showing their new Yale Assure Lock SL.
  • Zinno will be in the pavilion presenting their Zinno PhD Smart Hub, Dr Cam Smart Camera System and Dr Mag Door and Window Sensor.
  • Zooz will debut their Z-Wave Plus Smarter Switch.
  • will demonstrate the Z-Wave Toolbox. They will also be sharing their pod with ZLINK, an exciting low-cost, hub for easy voice control of Z-Wave networks.
  • Z-Wave Products will demonstrate the Z-Wave Toolbox. They will also be sharing their pod with ZLINK, an exciting low-cost, hub for easy voice control of Z-Wave networks.
Visit the Sands Booth 41717 to walk through the Z-Wave Experience Home at CES 2018.
For more information on the Z-Wave Alliance, please visit http://z-wavealliance.org. Follow the Z-Wave Alliance on Facebook, Twitter and on LinkedIn for the latest updates.


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