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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Yamaha's new CS-700 sound bar

All-In-One, Easy-to-Use UC Solution Simplifies Huddle Room Meetings With High-Performance Audio and Video

HAMAMATSU, Japan ― Jan. 16, 2018 ― Yamaha UC, a dedicated department combining the expertise of Yamaha and Revolabs® Inc., is now shipping the Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System for huddle rooms. Available in select worldwide regions, the all-in-one wall-mounted UC solution is engineered to simplify installation and deployment and ensure the highest quality audio and video in huddle and small meeting spaces.
“The Yamaha CS-700 has been a highly anticipated solution from our UC customers,” said Mick Kamihara, chief executive officer, Revolabs. “Bringing together the technology expertise of both Yamaha and Revolabs, the CS-700 provides a dedicated UC platform that doesn’t sacrifice on quality and delivers exactly what users and technology managers need to support the growing number of huddle and small meeting room environments. Every communications concern is covered, from ease of deployment and intuitive end-user operation, to superior audio, video and collaboration capabilities.”
The Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System for huddle rooms is the first solution that optimizes audio, video, and collaboration capabilities in a wall-mounted system, ensuring an intuitive meeting experience. It boasts an adaptive beamforming microphone array, which guarantees that every word is perfectly captured and delivered to the far end, four Yamaha speaker elements to provide the highest degree of audio intelligibility, and a wide-angle HD camera that captures every meeting participant in clear detail.
Through a single USB cable, it is ready to connect to an organization’s chosen UC platform, such as Skype for Business, Cisco® Spark, GoToConference™, Zoom, and many others. This plug-and-play approach allows users to quickly get started without wrestling with disparate video, audio, and collaboration components, thus eliminating complex steps that can waste valuable meeting time or require the assistance of on-call IT staff. In addition, the CS-700’s integrated network management system allows IT staff to deploy and remotely manage each unit from one location, increasing service response and efficiency.
“The Yamaha CS-700 offers a strong, huddle-room-ready feature set, as well as integrated remote monitoring and management, making it both user- and IT-friendly,” said Ira Weinstein, senior analyst and partner, Wainhouse Research.
More information can be found at www.revolabs.com.


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