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Monday, May 20, 2024
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DialogTech Launches New AI Call Scoring Solution

New Conversation Insights Pro makes it easy for any business that values inbound calls to harness the power of AI to analyze and score conversations for insights to immediately improve marketing and sales performance
Chicago, IL – February 22, 2017 – DialogTech, the world’s leading provider of actionable marketing analytics for inbound calls, today announced the release of Conversation Insights Pro, a revolutionary new solution that makes DialogTech’s industry-leading AI technology easily accessible to any business that values calls. Simple to deploy and tailored specifically to each customer, Conversation Insights Pro uses DialogTech’s continuously learning AI algorithms to analyze and score calls generated from any marketing source to any business location or agent, measuring caller intent, sales agent interactions and call outcomes. Insights are delivered in easy-to-understand reports highlighting the marketing tactics generating the best leads and the sales tactics converting the most callers to customers.
“AI advancements present tremendous opportunities for companies to optimize their marketing and sales operations,” said Alain Stephan, SVP of Analytics Services at DialogTech, “but most businesses lack the data science resources and budgets to deploy AI successfully. DialogTech designed Conversation Insights Pro to make it easy for any business to use AI. With our deep expertise and focus on inbound calls and digital marketing, Conversation Insights Pro delivers ready-to-action insights to marketing and sales organizations that can dramatically and immediately improve their business.”
DialogTech’s always-learning AI scores inbound calls to measure caller intent, lead value and sales agent performance for impactful insights.
Leveraging DialogTech’s 10 years of experience analyzing billions of voice interactions, Conversation Insights Pro includes dozens of proprietary call outcome indicators that provide rich context on every interaction — such as Appointment Discussed, Quote Made and Price Objection — in combination with DialogTech’s AI algorithms to score calls for the three metrics most impactful to marketing and sales:

  • Lead Score: Measure the quality of the calls generated by marketing to the business.
  • Sales Opportunity:  Measure how many sales opportunities are driven by marketing campaigns and handled by each location or agent.
  • Conversion Rate: When a business’s location or agent has a good prospect on the phone, measure how often they convert to an appointment, opportunity or customer.

With these powerful insights, marketing leaders can optimize their search, digital and offline campaigns based on the quality of the calls they are driving, not just the quantity. Sales managers can improve their operations with hard data showing which locations are closing the most leads, which are underperforming and why. Businesses can view results in visually appealing reports and pass insights from calls into their CRM and martech solutions to use to improve conversion rates, digital ad targeting and customer acquisition.
“Inbound calls are a critical source of leads for our organization,” said Bryan Huber, Global Vice President, Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers. “Using DialogTech’s Conversation Insights Pro, we were able to gain incredible insights into those valuable interactions. We didn’t need to hire a large team of data scientists and invest in AI tools. Conversation Insights Pro just worked. The data was delivered to us in a very straightforward, actionable way, allowing us to see what marketing efforts were driving the best leads and what best practices were being used to help close sales at the individual locations. Conversation Insights Pro is a game changer for us.”
Conversation Insights Pro is the newest addition to DialogTech’s family of solutions for analyzing voice, including Conversation Insights, a self-service solution for marketers to efficiently analyze call recordings and transcriptions, and Dialog Analytics, the premier custom-built AI and machine-learning solution for enterprises. For more information, visit the DialogTech website.

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