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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Key Digital focuses on hidden AV tech

Key Digital Offers Compact Digital Audio Amplifier Perfect for Conference Rooms

MOUNT VERNON, NY – March 14, 2018 – Key Digital, the award winning manufacturer of professional A/V and Control systems introduces the KD-AMP220 compact digital audio amplifier. With the new KD-AMP220, Key Digital now offers a beginning-to-end solution for the audio visual needs of efficient and productive meeting spaces.
The release of this commercial audio amplifier exemplifies Key Digital’s understanding of the need for creative options in conference rooms worldwide. While the KD-AMP220 is small in size, it packs a big punch with its powerfully engineered configuration. Key Digital listens to the needs of installers worldwide, and this compact but robust amplifier is the cost-effective solution many have been waiting for.

KD-AMP220 is engineered to effectively meet conference room needs

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KD-AMP220 input connections accommodate microphone, line level balanced, and line level 3.5mm stereo analog audio inputs. The output is a mix of audio from the microphone input and the selected audio input.  Each input has variable volume level set- perfect for presentation spaces as KD-AMP220’s internal pre-amp accepts direct microphone plugin and can provide 48V phantom power. Speaker level output may be set to bridge, stereo, or mono mode. Integrators may sum left and right channels to a single speaker in bridge mode. For stereo applications, KD-AMP220 may be configured to send left and right channels to separate speakers. Mono mode is especially useful in speech and voice enforcement applications.
Since the release of their Compass Control Professional system in 2012, Key Digital has been at the core of fully-integrated systems. KD-AMP220 gives integrators RS-232 and IR controllability with variable input and output level and muting, bass, and treble adjustments. The IR sensor wire is of appropriate length for installing the amplifier out of sight while the sensor is able to pick up line of sight signals. Front panel controls can adjust levels or select the line input, but may also be disabled by a professional control system.

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