Friday, March 1, 2024
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Panasonic teams up with TrueConf

Panasonic and TrueConf have teamed up and have successfully demonstrated that their video conferencing offerings are compatible.

TrueConf Server is officially compatible with the Panasonic KX-HDV430 SIP deskphone and Panasonic’s KX-VC-series, including the KX-VC1000, KX-VC1300, KX-VC1600 and KX -VC2000. This integration will expand video conferencing capabilities and boost efficiency of video meetings. People using Panasonic deskphones and high-definition video conferencing systems can join conferences running on TrueConf Server using SIP-server internal assignment (IP-PBX).
The integration was performed through TrueConf’s gateway, which is commonly used to connect external subscribers to video conferencing endpoints.
One of the key elements of the integration is Panasonic KX-VC1000 – KX-VC2000 systems. The systems provide Full HD video quality at 60 FPS and have built-in MCU. Depending on their needs, users can choose any of the following KX-VC-series models: KX-VC1000 for point-to-point video calls, KX-VC1300 for four connections, KX-VC1600 for 10 connections, and KX-VC2000 for 24 connections.
KX-HDV430 is the first Panasonic corporate deskphone with support for up to 16 SIP lines.
TrueConf and Panasonic experts believe that the integration can be used for various corporate needs. The integration eliminates the video communication barrier between TrueConf and Panasonic users and opens up new opportunities for collaborative use of their video conferencing solutions.
“Thanks to our collaborative efforts, TrueConf and Panasonic users can enjoy seamless video conferences,” says Dmitry Odintsov, TrueConf Chief Business Development Officer. “The integration proves full compatibility between TrueConf’s solutions and the world’s leading vendors’ equipment.”

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