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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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TrueConf connects courts to prisons

Department of Justice and Home Affairs has deployed a TrueConf Server video conferencing system in the courtrooms and prisons in the Canton of Zurich state department. 

The Department of Justice and Home Affairs in the Canton of Zurich plays a vital role in managing law and order administration and promoting safety and security in Switzerland. One of the core tasks of the organization is prosecution and enforcement of court sentences and measures.
At the Department, all trial participants must attend mandatory court proceedings, which often leads to an unjustified delay in the organizational workflow. With significant costs in leasing vehicles, staff overtime and fuel, the department spends a lot of money and time per hearing depending on the location of the court and the inmate transported. Additionally, inmate transportation for court appearances and parole hearings has been a potentially dangerous situation for guards, court personnel, and inmates.
To reduce costs and optimize the workflow at the organization, the Department needed to deploy a secure video conferencing network to equip prisons and courtrooms with stable video conferencing. The Department’s experts required a software video conferencing solution with secured data encryption to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Additionally, the department needed a solution which could operate in a private network without Internet connection and which could automatically record all video sessions for later review. TrueConf Server was the perfect on-premises solution for the Department, as it managed to meet their diverse needs.
The Department video conferencing network now operates 45 user accounts in the courtrooms and prisons of the Canton of Zurich. The video conferencing system works in a closed network, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data. The Department of Justice and Home Affairs equipped existing meeting spaces with Windows PCs, the TrueConf for Windows application, webcams and speakerphones.
“State organizations are often slower to adopt digital workflows as compared to private businesses,” says Dmitry Odintsov, TrueConf Chief Business Development Officer. “By implementing a TrueConf video conferencing solution into Department’s judicial system, court proceedings in Zurich have become more secure and less expensive. We hope that more organizations will support digital transformation trends in government soon.”

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