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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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New Smart Home Hub

Axius combines hardware, software, and IT expert support to make owning or renting a smart home a seamless and painless experience.

 San Francisco, CA – June 26, 2018 – Consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on their home technology and adding devices at a rapid pace. According to Parks Associates, 26% of consumers currently own a smart home device and approximately one-half of smart home device owners who set up devices themselves experienced problems. Axius introduces a full-service customer support platform for the smart home that provides management, maintenance, and ongoing monitoring, remotely, for any connected device on the network. Axius targets the builder, property management, and integrator market to streamline the process of setting up a smart home and supporting it throughout the entire lifecycle.
“The home is now the central platform for our daily lives. Consumers are desperate for a user-friendly approach to customer support and smart device management,” says Axius CEO and Founder, Colin Barceloux. “Axius lets builders, integrators, and property managers give their customers peace of mind by providing a customized plan that ensures connected devices are safe, secure, up to date and functioning as expected. We are saving builders and integrators time and money while dramatically simplifying the process to monitor and manage smart home systems. By empowering the builder or integrator to offer this level of support, we’ve made owning or renting a smart home a painless and seamless experience for consumers.”
Axius is addressing a significant opportunity in the market for homeowners; there just isn’t a service or platform focused on the backend device functionality across brands or support across an entire smart home system. Designed with the concept of making the smart home easy to use, maintain and secure, Axius created the only intelligent, 24/7 management, backend support and remote monitoring platform for any smart home device that connects via WiFi. The days of having to call several different manufacturer customer support lines to get an answer about why your system won’t connect are no more with Axius. Whether it’s a simple software update or a much larger, full system-wide problem, Axius can automatically detect, diagnose and troubleshoot most issues.
“The perceived technical complexities associated with the use of smart home devices are serving as a barrier to adoption of these devices,” said Patrice Samuels, Sr. Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “Consumers not only assume that the devices will escalate the number of technical problems they experience, but that the devices will also be difficult to use. The availability of services that increase device reliability and ensure that they are performing optimally will increase consumer likelihood to purchase smart home devices.”
Not only are homeowners more frequently reaching for connected technology – builders have also identified this trend as an opportunity to add value and increase purchasing interest from new homebuyers. Recent research from the National Association of Home Builders sees the percentage of homes with smart technology rising to record levels and finds that builders see value in constructing high-tech homes. Axius works in tandem with builders and integrators to create smart home packages that offer homebuyers the latest smart home technology backed by monitoring to ensure their purchase is up-to-date, secure, and supported.
How Axius works
Axius currently offers support and management for hundreds of popular brands commonly found in the modern smart home, including Samsung SmartThings, Nest, Sonos, Amazon Alexa, Control4, Google Home, and Honeywell. Axius supports homes with an average of 26 connected devices per household and some homes with as many as 80 connected devices.
The effectiveness of the Axius platform is baked into its simplicity; combining hardware to connect with devices, software to automate maintenance and monitoring, and a full-time expert staff to take calls and questions all while delivering knowledgeable customer support. The Axius support service is provided to all devices with a WiFi connection in the home, offering personalized device management and troubleshooting, cyber security monitoring, automatic network alerts and password updates, as well as daily maintenance, software, and hardware updates. The dedicated in-person tech expert team is available 24/7 and regularly receive hands-on training for devices in the Axius IoT Lab.
The Axius technology platform offers network support including speed testing, bandwidth utilization, and device recognition. Axius proactively makes software and firmware updates to devices and updated default passwords. It can also manage security breaches by taking the device offline. To maintain the health of each device, Axius remotely monitors devices as they go on and offline and can manage geofencing of devices such as smart door locks. Axius can customize alerts, generate reports and offer other important analytics via the secure access portal.
Axius’ mission is to be a trusted resource for homeowners and renters, making sure every connected device, no matter the brand, is safe, secure, up-to-date and functioning properly. Learn more about Axius at http://www.axi.us
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