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Key Digital introduces UHD/4K over IP system

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Captivate audiences with Key Digital’s cutting-edge digital signage solution for UHD/4K Enterprise AV over IP

MOUNT VERNON, NY – July 13, 2018 – Key Digital, the award winning manufacturer of professional A/V and Control systems introduces the KD-IP922 UHD/4K encoder and decoder for fully customizable expandable HDMI over IP systems with built-in video wall functionality.
Key Digital’s KD-IP922 video systems are ideal for sports viewing and large systems such as bar restaurant and hospitality. Any connected video source can be distributed to individual displays over the network and large video wall configurations may be built up to 10 by 10. Furthermore, the video wall may be broken up into smaller sections so that multiple games or events may be viewed within the video wall.
With Key Digital’s products offering ease of design and installation end-users love their results with vivid digital content and can start enjoying their favorite content immediately. This time of year that means cheering for their team in the World Cup.
Whether the game is viewed for country pride or love of the sport, everyone can agree that Key Digital’s low-maintenance hardware software ecosystem is the best on the market.
Using the Key Digital App the user is able to simple drag their finger to configure their big-game viewing as desired. The engineers at Key Digital have created a way for users to switch inputs and adjust video wall layouts with ease using the free Key Digital App on any iOS device. The Key Digital App simply scans the network to detect the KD-IP922 video wall and provides user-friendly control to maximize the value of their system.
For users requiring PC based management of their video wall and distribution system, Key Digital Management Software (KDMS) and Key Digital Management Software Pro (KDMS Pro) both enable PC based controlling of the video routing and video wall layouts. The Pro software is designed for professional AV integrators to configure units and build systems.
KD-IP922 encoders feature an analog audio de-embed port with adjustable audio delay up to 150 ms. The analog audio breakout is on a balanced / unbalanced phoenix terminal, and also features volume, muting, and three-band EQ DSP features.


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