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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Socialure intros Digital Signage Robot

Taking DS to the next level. What?!?!

[Las Vegas, Nevada, August 2018] Imagine: you’re taking an elevator up to an exclusive corporate event after a large conference. You’re expecting the usual activities…open bar, DJ playing the classics, and some hors d’oeuvres getting passed around. Thank goodness, it’s been a long day and you’re hungry.
The elevator doors open to a crowd, fascinated by something unseen and unheard over the music. As you make your way through the gaggle of people you start hearing a different tune than what’s coming from the house speaker system. You arrive at an open space and see an autonomous robot standing at 2.5 feet tall and projecting your company’s logo cleanly across the floor and pumping out music of its own.
It’s one of those moments when you think: “Well, I wasn’t expecting this.” And that moment is what Socialure’s partnership with Rainbow Robotics is all about.
Socialure is a leading creative digital agency based out of Las Vegas, they focus on creating unique experiences for events and creating engaging digital signage by designing custom digital content. With over ten years of experience they are able to adjust the content they create to be used for small to large scale projects, and maintain a commitment to experimentation. The company founder and creative director, Emile Van De Coevering sets the tone by maintaining the attitude and spreading the doctrine: “It’s better that we try and fail than not try at all. At least we’ll learn something along the way.”

See Emile Van De Coevering on AVWeek ep 363

When Van De Coevering learned about the work of Rainbow Robotics at The University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) it was another opportunity to try something new. “I think it’s very important to find ways to incorporate new technology into digital signage” says Van De Coevering, “We put a lot of thought into making our audience experiences, because even small things can make a big impact.”

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That statement could not be more true when considering their new compact robot partner. Rainbow Robotics has developed JAY with the specialized purpose of Digital Signage.
JAY is just over 100 lbs., has the ability to move smoothly and quietly on its wheels, rotate its “head” to project in different directions, and play music from a Harmon/Kardon speaker.
See Jay in action.

This bot could be useful as an advertising device, for sponsorships at events, or even as a wayfinding solution for malls/airports/train stations, sharing pre-recorded messages and displaying relevant information.
The collaboration between Socialure and Rainbow Robotics has already lead to productive and functional changes with JAY. Instead of hooking up a computer to add new content every time, JAY has been integrated with the same CMS system as their DOOH Billboards, allowing for live updates and scheduled changes. Making JAY a intriguing piece of entertainment for the audience and even more user-friendly to the host. Something we can all appreciate. Here’s to trying something new!
Socialure is a digital content creation agency, know for their work creating personalized and branded content for trade shows, conventions, and events.

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