Friday, March 1, 2024
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Get CTS RUs with Clevertouch

You can earn 5.5 RUs in UK or Globally

As a long standing AVIXA member, the new Clevertouch Academy is now proud to offer CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) training courses on the full range of Clevertouch panels.
Headed up by Mike Nunley, Clevertouch’s international training coordinator and a qualified AVIXA CTS trainer, his team of CTS specialist trainers offer a range of free courses designed to teach delegates how to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair Clevertouch panels, whilst earning valuable CTS renewal points.
AVIXA is the global standard for the AV industry, offering a mix of its own CTS training courses alongside approved outside courses like the Clevertouch engineering course. The CTS Certification is the industry’s recognised qualification for AV professionals, and most integrators, consultants, end users and some distribution teams are CTS qualified.
In order to retain their CTS qualification, members need to gain renewal points by attending regular certified training courses.
“It’s a highly valued certification,” explains Mike Nunley, “one which adds significant value to our partners’ solution proposition”:

  • It shows they have a level of knowledge that gives confidence to their customers
  • Course attendees will be able to diagnose problems faster on the Clevertouch touchscreen panels
  • Upskilling a workforce through training is an important investment for any business – motivation of employees to be the best they can be in their chosen field of expertise
  • Knowledge and qualifications = confidence and empowerment for employees to achieve more in their careers

Aimed at different ability levels, the Clevertouch engineering course is open to UK and International customers, is free to attend, and all delegates will earn 5.5 RU renewal points and receive a free spares kit for our Clevertouch panels.
If you would like more information about the Clevertouch Engineering CTS training course, contact Mike Nunley at

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