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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Harman Pro brings Pro Audio to Convention Center

End-to-end HARMAN audio system featuring JBL, Crown, and Soundcraft solutions installed at Thailand’s Nongnooch Convention Center

PATTAYA CHONBURI, Thailand—Mahajak Development Co. recently equipped the new Nongnooch Convention Center with state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional Solutions audio systems.

JBL line arrays at NICE convention center

The Nongnooch Pattaya International Convention and Exhibition Center (NICE) is a new world-class venue for conventions, exhibitions and corporate events. The facility hosts events in its 5,360-seat main auditorium, and remotely at the nearby Nongnooch Botanical Gardens and other locations. In order to deliver exceptional audio quality for a wide range of events, NICE hired Mahajak Development to provide a powerful, modern line array system for the auditorium, and a scalable, easy-to-use mobile audio system for remote events. Mahajak Development selected an end-to-end HARMAN solution comprised of JBL VTX and VRX Series loudspeakers, Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers, and Soundcraft Vi2000 and Si Impact digital mixers.
“We needed sophisticated yet easy-to-use equipment, and HARMAN’s ingenious audio solutions have gone above and beyond our expectations,” said the spokesperson at Nongnooch Pattaya International Convention and Exhibition Center. “Our new line array and mobile systems allow us to have a greater impact at our events and communicate better with attendees. We’re glad to have quality gear that we can trust to be powerful, versatile, and relatively simple.”
JBL subs at NICE convention center

For the auditorium’s main sound system, Mahajak Development deployed a custom JBL line array featuring VTX-V20 and VRX-932LA loudspeakers paired with stackable VTX-G28 subwoofers. They also deployed versatile, full-range PRX815W wedges as center-fill speakers and on-stage floor monitors. Crown I-Tech 5000, 9000, and 12000HD amplifiers provide plenty of power and headroom for the whole system. Audio is mixed wirelessly on a Soundcraft Vi2000 digital mixer, which provides hands-on control, visual feedback and powerful DSP processing.
For offsite events, NICE needed the performance of a line array system in a portable, scalable configuration that was still easy to set up and operate. Mahajak Development selected JBL VRX-932LAP loudspeakers and VRX-918SP subwoofers, which were designed specifically to work together in a modular system. Inputs on stage are routed to a Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32R, supplemented by dbx DI1 and DI4 direct boxes. Mahajak Development chose the Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixer for the mobile rig, which packs all the functionality of larger models into a stripped-down and intuitive interface.
NICE Crown amp
Crown amplifiers at NICE convention center

“Our primary aim is to ensure that the client can focus on managing the event instead of configuring the AV equipment,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Project Director of Mahajak Development. “The facility required a versatile audio system including portable rigs for large and small events, and HARMAN had the best solutions for everything. We had the opportunity to try out JBL speakers against other brands, and they out-performed the competition. We ended up choosing HARMAN products for everything from the line arrays, mixers and amplifiers to DIs and stage boxes.”
“Providing HARMAN Professional Audio Solutions at the world-renowned NICE center is an absolute pleasure,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We’re pleased to have partnered with Mahajak and thank them for delivering a HARMAN system that comprehensively meets their client’s needs. Their carefully constructed audio systems and level of service are highly commendable.”

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