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Key Digital aims at conference, collaboration spaces

Key Digital’s KD-MLV4x2PRO offers app, multiple sources for huddle spaces

MOUNT VERNON, NY – Key Digital, Inc. Key Digital, the leaders in digital video and control systems, invite integrators and installers to see how the company’s award-winning hardware and software ecosystem fits perfectly in corporate and conference rooms settings with special focus on the cost-effective KD-MLV4x2 PRO, the versatile multi-view four input two output video matrix.
“A great example of how we can really enhance the experience in conference rooms is one of our customer-favorite products, the KD-MLV4x2PRO. This product is the cornerstone of the conference room and what’s great about this piece is we can actually give you a hub for all your inputs to outputs and be able to have any input go to any screen at any time. Or, better than that, what I see often in conference rooms is one large screen or display with a handful of sources and they’re constantly switching and waiting for the picture to come on. With our KD-MLV4x2PRO, we have broadcast style seamless switching which is great so you can very quickly go from input one, two, three, or four just as fast as if you’re watching your favorite sports news show, and you see how quickly they transition from one sport to the next sport! Another cool feature, since this is a multiview product and not just a seamless matrix switcher, is it also allows you to take all four of those inputs and put them on that one screen at the same time, and again, this is all happening very quickly with no lag time. You can use the Key Digital App, your Compass Control Pro software, or just the front panel of the device and you’ll get the same speed and the same kind of user friendly experience that makes this the most standout conference room solution,” said Dan O’Donnell, Key Digital’s Vice President of Sales – North America.
With KD-MLV4x2PRO, conference room solutions increase productivity and inspire collaboration. The presentation switcher allows viewing of multiple sources at any time across two monitors. In full screen mode the screen will display any of the six (four HDMI and two VGA) video sources, in quadrant mode this view is all four video sources in equally sized-quadrants, and in multiview mode the option is to choose a primary video source on the top, bottom, left, or right of the screen while still viewing the additional three sources in smaller windows.  In addition to multiview picture-in-picture functionality, KD-MLV4x2PRO is also a seamless switcher with uninterrupted screen transitions during source selections, making it ideal for conferencing and presentation applications where slow video sync time on the room’s projector can lead to user frustration. The KD-MLV4x2PRO features superior processing capabilities needed for the most critical viewing of data from spreadsheets and fine text. Custom screen layouts with layering and transparency features can be stored and easily called ensuring a user-friendly interface that is possible regardless of desired complexity and budget. KD-MLV4x2PRO supports a wide array of control options including IR, RS-232, TCP/IP via open API, and web control interface in addition to Key Digital’s control system, Compass Control Pro, which has the most native interface for the product, transforming conference room installations into efficient and intuitive workspaces.
For control in the conference room, Key Digital’s Compass Control Pro is a fully integrated control system built from the ground up to use iOS devices to replace traditional control interfaces. The cost-effective software suite excels in video control functionality. There are no restrictions on the design and layout of a Compass Control interface – if it can be envisioned, it can be executed! Compass Control Pro also instantly integrates components from Compass Alliance Partners to create a simple plug-n-play system. Key Digital has partnered with Lutron, Leviton, Honeywell, KNX, and many additional industry leaders to enable Compass Control Pro’s control drivers and pre-configured GUI templates to streamline system development and reduced programming time. Integrators and installers can download the Compass Control Pro free iOS app from the App Store and use the demo mode to immediately see how the intuitive and sleek pre-built GUI can work in their applications. Everything can be customized, but by selecting any of the seven vertical markets integrators and installers can get a feel for how Compass Control Pro is the right choice for control.
“The Compass Control Pro demo app for corporate is a great tool for integrators and dealers that want a visual aid when going to visit a corporate customer, or for any integrators trying to figure out how to get AV in a space and how to integrate everything together for a corporate application. It’s as simple as going into the app and choosing the ‘Corporate’ button. That brings the demo into a corporate environment and from there you can actually show your colleagues or show your customer how easy it is to use Compass Control Pro in your corporate environment. There is nothing complex or challenging and anybody in the room will be able to pick up an iPad and do exactly what they want to do for their audio-video needs,” said Dan O’Donnell, Key Digital’s Vice President of Sales – North America.
For additional control options Key Digital recently unveiled Key Digital Management Software Pro (KDMS Pro), which enables PC based controlling of video routing and video wall layouts. KDMS Pro is designed for professional AV integrators and Key Digital authorized resellers to configure units, load the latest firmware, set EDID control handshakes, and provide input and output friendly names to be displayed on the Key Digital App and KDMS software for users. KDMS Pro supports multiple Key Digital units and systems on the same network. KDMS Pro provides a sleek pre-built control GUI for compatible Key Digital systems to manage video and audio routing, volume levels, video walls, and more for Enterprise AV over IP, HDMI and HDBaseT matrix switchers, audio matrix switchers, presentation switchers, video wall processors, and multi-viewers. Key Digital Management Software (KDMS) is a powerful free PC based software designed specifically for end-users.

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