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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Control4 controls your holiday scenes

Good morning, good night, good cheer

Salt Lake City, UT – December 13, 2018 Control4 Corporation (NASDAQ: CTRL), a leading global provider of smart home solutions, offers some of the most extensive  smart home personalization and customization available today with a range of devices. Control4® smart lighting can start with a single Control4 Wireless Switch or Keypad in a single room and expand to the entire home to manage, control, and automate all the smart devices in a system.
The Control4 Wireless Lighting line brings elegance, contemporary ambiance, and convenience to any home by controlling individual lights and groupings of lights. A custom-engraved button on the keypad can also turn on a smart home “scene,” to activate and adjust several to dozens of devices simultaneously.

Control4 Holiday lighting
Automating and controlling music, lighting, holiday mood

Looking for scenes ideas?

  • “Merry & Bright” button could play John Legend’s new “A Legendary Christmas” album on Spotify, light a gas fireplace, set the lights in the living room to 60 percent, and turn on decorative lights;
  • “Yuletide Party” scene can turn on a gas fireplace, cue multi-room holiday music, turn on Christmas tree lights, and light up the path to the house;
  • “Good Night” can keep a home safe by locking the doors, lowering the temperature, and shutting off lights while leaving safety lights on;
  • “Home,” placed conveniently by the front door, is a one-touch entry to set the entire house into a homeowner’s personally designed state, and the matching home scene on the Control4 app can be triggered when you’re leaving the office so it’s already like that when you walk in.

With a myriad of configurable keypad combinations on every new dimmer and switch, all of which incorporate  status LEDs for two-way feedback and backlit engraving, the Control4 Wireless Keypad is an intuitive interface for any family member to control a variety of smart home solutions.
Control4 offers one of the largest interoperable ecosystems with more than 12,500 devices and professional installation from a certified dealer network across the globe. Control4 smart lighting is is available with a Control4 system and can be seen atControl4 Certified Showrooms. For more information on Control4 visit www.control4.com.

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