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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Shure ships Axient globally

The company announced worldwide availability

CHICAGO, —Today, Shure announced its award-winning Axient® Digital ADX series wireless transmitters are now widely available through all global resellers and distributors. As the new premier wireless solution in Shure’s portfolio, the ADX series offers enhanced features and form factors, including the ADX1 and ADX2 bodypack and handheld transmitters, ADX2FD frequency diversity handheld and ADX1M, the first micro bodypack with an internal self-tuning antenna. ShowLink®-enabled transmitters offer real-time remote control plus automatic interference detection and avoidance. Catering to evolving customer needs, ADX series transmitters are compatible with the Axient Digital receiver platform and dedicated to providing high-performance RF, exceptional audio quality, command and control, and hardware scalability.

The premier micro bodypack transmitter—an incredibly small, smooth bodypack with an internal antenna—enables greater concealment and more comfortable wear in theater productions and other applications requiring discreet placement. With its breakthrough RF performance, wide-tuning, High Density mode, and encryption, the micro bodypack enables premium, professional-quality wireless digital audio.

“About halfway through a set of Waitress the Musical, I actually switched bodypacks to the ADX micro bodypack and immediately noticed how lightweight and ergonomic it was,” said GRAMMY® Award-winning singer-songwriter and Broadway performer Jason Mraz. “During previous shows, we wore heavier micro-packs underneath our clothing that were uncomfortable and would sag a bit. Because of its internal antenna, the ADX micro bodypack is much smaller, smoother, and more compact—I almost didn’t even know it was there. I loved it right away.”

The ADX series transmitters also incorporate ShowLink for real-time control of all transmitter parameters, interference detection, and avoidance. The ShowLink Remote Control provides instantaneous adjustment of critical settings across the network. Coupled with the AD610 ShowLink Access Point, it establishes a wireless network between linked Axient Digital transmitters and receivers enabling real-time control over the entire Axient Digital coverage area.

Jagged Little Pill, a musical that premiered at the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University (A.R.T.) in 2018, is heading to Broadway in 2019. “For Jagged Little Pill, we used the ShowLink Access Point to actively and automatically monitor interference, and allow us to change frequencies remotely. We were able to target and address issues without having to track down the actor attached to the mic,” said Bryan Atterberry, assistant sound manager at the A.R.T. “I could adjust sensitivity or gain, switch a mic’s frequency, or even adjust its power output remotely in real-time. ShowLink became an important part of how we managed audio for the show.”

The Axient Digital Wireless System features numerous user-friendly features and benefits:

  • High-Performance RF—Incorporating all of the capabilities that professional productions demand, Axient Digital is designed for maximum signal stability. It features true digital diversity with Quadversity™ receiver technology, significantly mitigating the potential for signal fades or interference that can cause dropouts. Quadversity mode enables users to place sets of diversity antennas in different zones, or double the number of antennas in a single zone, to improve RF signal-to-noise in challenging environments. High Density mode increases the maximum simultaneous system channel count from 17 to 47 per 6-MHz TV band (from 23 to 63 per 8-MHz TV band), while maintaining exceptional audio quality.
  • Audio Quality—Featuring pristine digital audio via Dante/AES67 and AES3, Axient Digital has a 20 Hz to 20 kHz range with a flat frequency response and accurate transient response. Axient Digital also boasts wide dynamic range, AES-256 encryption, and an impressive 2ms latency from the mic transducer to the analog output.
  • Command and Control—Axient Digital is compatible with Wireless Workbench® as well as the ShurePlus™ Channels App for efficient control and configuration, optimal spectrum management, and frequency monitoring. Additionally, Axient Digital provides networked charging through a suite of smart, high-performance batteries and chargers. 
  • Hardware and Scalability—Axient Digital’s wide tuning range of up to 184 MHz for all transmitters and receivers covers an extended range of spectrum and simplifies inventory. Dual and quad receiver options, combined with a common receiver platform supporting both AD and ADX transmitters maximize user flexibility and scalability.

“When putting on a production like Jagged Little Pill, it’s imperative to ensure flawless RF, audio quality, and scalability,” said Alison Schaefer, production audio technician at A.R.T. “Axient Digital’s support of Wireless Workbench took our production to the next level. It provided a completely comprehensive interface to manage every aspect of performance, including battery life, signal strength, and RF interference. If something happened to cause concern, such as low battery life, I was able to quickly locate the precise bodypack or microphone that needed recharging. The ability to monitor the battery and RF status gave us continued confidence throughout the show’s run.”

To learn more about Axient Digital and ADX Wireless Transmitters, please visit www.shure.com/americas/axient-digital/adx.

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