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Atlas creates BIM, ARCAT objects

Libraries for architects incorporating AV

Phoenix, AZ – AtlasIED— a global manufacturer of comprehensive audio solutions for commercial business environments, announces that Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects, families, and system files for AtlasIED products are now available through ARCAT, the leading online resource of free building product information.

Making it easier for members of the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) community to more accurately specify AtlasIED solutions into projects of any size and scope, the new BIM library can also help reduce errors during the design and installation phases. Having the specifications for AtlasIED products available through ARCAT can speed up design time and reduce frustration and it can also help improve communication and understanding between architects, designers, and AtlasIED dealers.

ARCAT users can choose from hundreds of AtlasIED loudspeakers, power conditioners, and speaker enclosures, obtain accurate product specifications, and download files in Revit or DWG formats. These free files are compatible with all major BIM and CAD software programs, including AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, ArchiCAD, and many more. Utilizing BIM objects helps identify design conflicts prior to construction, which reduces the potential for work order changes, and additional charges and time on the project.

Connect with AtlasIED Dealers and Reps Directly through ARCAT

The AtlasIED ARCAT company page facilitates architect and builder Request for Information (RFI) or Request For Quotation (RFQ) submissions with one click. ARCAT users can also request a full AtlasIED catalog or schedule a meeting with a local AtlasIED rep to learn more.

“Our ARCAT library makes it easier for architects to do what they do, while supporting AtlasIED dealers with accurate designs and drawings to simplify the integration phase, too,” says Dan Murphy, Sr. VP of Digital Systems for AtlasIED. “We want the AEC community to know AtlasIED is here to support them with products like our SHS (Strategically Hidden Speaker) series that helps architects achieve their artistic visions with speakers that blend seamlessly into any installation. Likewise, having a library of BIM content available for our products allows our speakers to be more effectively integrated into drawings earlier in the game and with accurate technical specs. All of which helps save time and reduces errors.”

AtlasIED manufactures a full line of architectural loudspeakers, as well as life safety, mass notification, VoIP, and sound masking solutions for commercial and corporate environments. The company’s loudspeakers — often used in these environments and a go-to for those in the AEC community — are engineered to enhance the aesthetics of a room and blend seamlessly into the design while providing superior audio quality to meet the needs of today’s corporate and healthcare facilities, educational institutions, stadiums, retail outlets, and more.

AtlasIED’s ARCAT listing can be found online at and BIM libraries can be viewed here:

To learn more about AtlasIED visit or email us at

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