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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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PowerHouse Ships house brand subs

New A2V PowerHouse subwoofers shipping

Pittsburgh, PA – The PowerHouse Alliance announces the nationwide availability of its custom A2V Powered Subwoofers and All-Weather Outdoor Loudspeakers. Both speaker lineups are high-value options, offering quality componentry backed by long-term warranty, complemented by excellent dealer margins and an industry-leading rebate program.

With the audio market growing, A2V’s speakers and subwoofers can become a go-to for theater, multi-room audio, and outdoor installations for customers that prioritize price. The A2V Powered Subwoofers and A2V All-Weather Outdoor Loudspeakers are available throughout the U.S. from the 39 PowerHouse Alliance distributor member locations, for easy same-day pickup or online ordering.

A2V Powered Subwoofers

The front-firing, in-room, A2V Powered Subwoofers are a high-quality, cost-conscious option built to suit a variety of audio and home theater installations. Dealers can select from three models, 8-inch (A2V8SWB), 10-inch (A2V10SWB), and 12-inch (A2V12SWB), which feature solid ¾-inch MDF construction and a gorgeous black oak vinyl finish with acoustically-transparent grilles wrapped in a proprietary mesh.

The subwoofers were custom-designed for the perfect balance of power and efficiency by a seasoned team of audio experts built with proprietary components to optimize performance. The subwoofers work for home theater, and 2-channel or multi-channel listening, thanks to high-end, fast drivers, which are built from durable components. A fully-isolated enclosure separates the electronics from noise and vibration, including a Class D amplifier rated to upwards of 300W, and edge-wound square copper voice coil that offers up to 12-percent more efficiency than subwoofers with standard voice coils. With stiff cones, strong 1-inch rubber surrounds, and large magnets typically only found in much more expensive subwoofers, the A2V Powered Subwoofers offer dealers unprecedented value to use across a range of installations.

A2V All-Weather Outdoor Loudspeakers

Available in two sizes, the new A2V All-Weather Outdoor Loudspeakers offer premium sound for music throughout the backyard, patio, pool deck, and other outdoor spaces. The weather resistant, sealed cabinets come with a C-bracket mount for easy installation and can pivot to aim the sound to the desired listening area. The A2V525OD model features a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and 5.25-inch polypropylene woofer. The A2V650D features a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and 6.5-inch polypropylene woofer. Both models are available in black and white finish options.

“With continued growth in audio sales and the summer season upon us, our new A2V Powered Subwoofers and Outdoor All-Weather Loudspeakers are a quality option for dealers to bring any installation great sound,” said Dennis Holzer, executive director for the PowerHouse Alliance. “When dealers get a demo from their PowerHouse distributor, we expect them to be blown away by the quality, performance, and price points of both product lines. Along with the other A2V products, our new subwoofers and outdoor speakers give PowerHouse Alliance dealers great margins, warranty, and access to our stellar 10-percent rebate program.”

PowerHouse Alliance dealers can purchase the new A2V Powered Subwoofers, Outdoor All-Weather Loudspeakers, and other A2V products exclusively from distributor member warehouses across the nation.

To learn more about the PowerHouse Alliance or any of its members, please visit www.powerhousealliance.com

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