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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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HoverCam brings home the hardware from InfoComm 2019

Best of Show, AV Accessory, more awards for HoverCam

SAN DIEGO July 18, 2019 HoverCam, a leader in innovative, interactive, and engaging education solutions, announced that the company’s digital classroom technology received four major honors from Tech & Learning (T&L) and AV Technology Europe (AVTE) in June. HoverCam began its summer award streak by taking home a T&L Best of Show award for the Pilot 5 digital teaching station at InfoComm 2019, June 12-14, in Orlando. Soon after, the Pilot X digital teaching station and Ultra 10 document camera received Best of Show honors from T&L at ISTE 2019, June 23-26, in Philadelphia. HoverCam’s Pilot 3 received the Best AV Accessory Award at AVTE’s Technology Award ceremony held June 27 at the Millennium Gloucester in London.

“Technology in the classroom is becoming one of the most pressing priorities for schools worldwide,” said Ji Shen, CEO of HoverCam. “These awards serve not only as recognition of the hard work and thoughtful engineering that went into creating these solutions but also as a way to guide technology leaders who are tasked with selecting the very best solutions to serve their students. We are profoundly grateful to be honored with these awards, which will inspire us to keep innovating with technology that ensures educators have the best tools to promote 21st century learning.”

The Pilot series of digital teaching stations feature the Pilot 5, Pilot X, and Pilot 3. They make up the world’s first fully integrated wireless digital platform. All models feature a Windows PC, 13-megapixel document camera with a built-in microphone, and multitouch screens with wireless HDMI mirroring functionality in a mobile podium. The teaching station eliminates the outdated AV cart while combining the most important AV elements needed in today’s digital classrooms and empowering educators with features that allow them to record and share lessons beyond the classroom. Teachers are liberated from stationary desks or lecterns and are free to move about the classroom. The wireless transceivers instantly beam the podium’s screen and touch annotations with no lag to any interactive flat panel, projector, or TV in HD resolution, eliminating the hazard of dangling cords and cables and the hassle of logging onto the school’s Wi-Fi network and saving limited network bandwidth.

The Pilot 5 expands the innovation of Pilot series by offering a rechargeable battery for all-day operation. It sports an Intel Core® i5 or i7 processor, up to 16GB RAM memory, and up to 512GB SSD. This provides enough power to jump quickly between multiple programs and applications being used simultaneously and prevents valuable classroom time from being wasted due to lag.

Pilot X is a tablet-based, battery-operated wireless digital teaching station that’s designed for ultra-mobility. With the new digital podium, teachers are unchained from stationary desks or lecterns thanks to the removable tablet design, which offers even greater freedom in the classroom. It features the same wireless connectivity and touch annotation capabilities as the Pilot 3, disseminating engaging content around the room in UHD resolutions up to 4K. The tablet can be charged while docked in the station. At the end of day, users simply remove the tablet and store it in the Pilot X’s locked tablet bay for security and charging.

HoverCam’s Ultra 10, a next-generation document camera, is a powerhouse loaded with options to fit every instructor’s need. Featuring a 7.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, true 4K HDMI output, 16-megapixel sensor, and a powerful Android computer, the Ultra 10 is the ultimate document camera. The touchscreen allows educators to see exactly what their students see without having to turn their backs on the room. It’s the first document camera of its kind to enable wireless HDMI without requiring Wi-Fi or access points.  It enables output of high-quality, uncompressed, and lag-free HDMI video straight to the display, bypassing the tedious task of entering passwords or lengthy setup processes.

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