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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Atlantic Technology’s Gatecrasher1 wireless speaker now works with Alexa

The speaker now operates with a suite of Alexa-enabled devices

Atlantic Technology has added the capability of hands-free voice control by Alexa to their Gatecrasher1 wireless multi-room 2.1 stereo table-top audio systems as part of the ‘Works With Alexa’ capability which wirelessly connects any Alexa-enabled device to control and play through Gatecrasher1. This makes Gatecrasher1 easy to operate with all Alexa-enabled devices such as the Echo Flex, Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Studio, Echo Show as well as other brands of Alexa-enabled devices.  

Gatecrasher1 is a premium hi-res multi-room wireless speaker that features 2.4/5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with aptX wireless capability, a Priority Auto Sensing 3.5mm analog input and DLNA connectivity. Gatecrasher1 and its free app make possible free streaming from over 20,000 internet radio stations and connectivity to a variety of popular subscription streaming services including Spotify Connect, as well as hi-res streaming services Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer.  Gatecrasher1 comes in a premium non-resonant cabinet made like a quality bookshelf speaker and is available in two fine furniture finishes.  This 2.1 stereo system is packed with a 3-way array of speakers including a woofer with passive radiator and dual mid-range and tweeter drivers for solid deep bass and clear, detailed, musical hi-fidelity audio.    

Existing Gatecrasher1 owners can easily add the ‘Works with Alexa’ capability for free by first checking the Gatecrasher app that their speaker software and the app are updated to the latest versions. Set-up with Alexa is easy using free down-loadable directions from Atlantic Technology to add the specified free Alexa Skill to the Alexa-enabled device through its Alexa app.

Once the new Alexa Skill is enabled, Gatecrasher1 users have the option of using hands-free voice commands to play a favorite internet radio station, make a musical selection from a subscribed music streaming service and control volume, mute audio, pause, play, forward or back-up through songs and playlists.

“Adding the ‘Works With Alexa’ capability to Gatecrasher dramatically improves the sound quality of all your Alexa music, podcasts and internet radio by playing the output through Gatecrasher’s superior 2.1 stereo system for a more pleasing room-filling Hi-Fi sound,” said Paul Fredrickson, Director of Business Development for Muto Communications Atlantic Technology’s marketing and PR agency of record. “Alexa voice commands give Gatecrasher1 users the ultimate convenience of hands-free operation so you can instantly operate Gatecrasher as needed while you’re cooking or doing some other task.”

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Voice commands to the Alexa device closest to the main Gatecrasher1 in a multi-room set-up of Gatecrashers means that the Alexa voice commands to control music now become a convenient new way of controlling music throughout the home. 

Gatecrasher1 is available to purchase now from Atlantic Technology at the Atlantic Technology on-line store and carries an MSRP of $499 with tremendous holiday deals available at the Atlantic Technology website store on select items check Atlantic Technology.

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