Thursday, February 22, 2024
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ResiWeek 413: I Want That!

Looking at what's coming to CES 2024 and what integrators need to know, and's top 10 voice commands in 2023.

Daily Download Monday September 11, 2023

Voice control and voice assistants are so ingrained in technology. With things like generative AI, what is the future of voice in AV?

ResiWeek 368: Voice World

An extended discussion on voice control systems within the residential space, and how those voice assistants are evolving with technology.

Daily Download Thursday December 22, 2022

Looking at the potential, for better or worse, for voice control within the hotel space. What could possibly go wrong?

ResiWeek 356: Ride An Elephant

Solving wi-fi network solutions, why Alexa is costing Amazon ten billion dollars in revenue, and selling security AV for your home.

Daily Download Wednesday November 9, 2022

When it comes to voice control, what are the most common phrases used by clients? What can we learn to design these systems?

ResiWeek 328: Who’s Buying CDs?!

Bringing back CDs, looking at Sonos' Q2 report and partners with Bond Bridge.

Daily Download Wednesday March 30, 2022

Voice control is a big deal, but how do we encourage users to take full advantage of those solutions?

Control4 Extends Partnership with Strategic Development & Exclusive Distribution

The updated driver is Control4 certified, allowing it to import advanced lighting scenes and offer deeper integration with streaming service

ResiWeek 294: Duck Kazoos

Putting voice control in the hotel room with, getting into the resimercial space through AtlasIED's Atmosphere, and what AV looks like on syndicated television.
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Blackwire Designs Launches Virtual Training Hub, Elevating AV Expertise Through High-Quality, Accessible Education

Blackwire Designs launches its Virtual Training Hub, featuring a webinar series led by specialists and vendors, covering topics such as successful deployments of third-party solutions and Blackwire's own Blacklight LED lighting design tool.
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