Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Jabra Launches Jabra+ for Admins, a Cloud-Based Platform for Easy, Secure Video Device Management

Jabra, part of GN Group, offers audio, video, and collaboration solutions, empowering consumers and businesses with integrated tools and wireless headphones for productivity and enjoyment.

Jabra introduced Jabra+ for Admins, a cloud-based software platform for remote monitoring and device management, at ISE 2024.

This platform aims to enhance device management accessibility, optimize in-room experiences, and reduce IT tickets. It integrates with IT help desk systems and third-party tools, leveraging Microsoft Azure security and Single Sign-On for improved user authentication.

Jabra, a global leader in true wireless sound and hybrid work solutions, has announced Jabra+ for Admins, a cloud-based API-first software platform for remote monitoring and management of meeting rooms and devices, at ISE 2024.

Jabra+ for Admins offers a seamless experience from start to finish, allowing users to manage their communication devices with ease, saving time on administration and troubleshooting. IT administrators will have visibility and control over settings, firmware and insights from one unified software platform and can check in for real-time status updates from anywhere.

Jabra+ for Admins will pave the way for future experiences for IT administrators, end users, and partners – starting with meeting room and video device management that customers can sign up for now via an Early Adopter Program, with wider availability this summer.

Next Generation Meeting Room and Video Device Management
With Jabra+ for Admins, users can effortlessly monitor and manage all Jabra meeting room solutions with a clear visual overview of rooms, locations, and devices. The modern user-interface (UI), new design, and enhanced intuitiveness make device management more accessible, offering a comprehensive solution for IT administrators.

The platform also allows users to manage all devices in a room collectively, optimizing the in-room experience by remotely configuring devices and updating firmware. The real-time

online/offline status tracking of rooms and devices helps to identify immediate issues, reducing IT tickets and ensuring a seamless meeting experience.

A Unified and Secure Cloud Platform
As a unified software platform, Jabra+ for Admins can integrate with IT help desk systems and third-party tools to create an ecosystem for device management. Whether updating devices, customizing headsets, or integrating with Jabra devices, users engage with a single system.

Jabra+ for Admins also leverages the security and scalability of Microsoft Azure, providing a future-proof platform with Single Sign-On (SSO) for easy access. SSO enhances security by reducing attack surfaces and streamlining user authentication, resulting in a better user experience and alleviating IT burdens associated with password recovery.

Holger Reisinger, SVP Enterprise Solutions at Jabra said, “In the hybrid workplace where managing meeting rooms and multiple devices is increasingly complex, we understand the importance of simplicity and efficiency. This is why we created Jabra+ for Admins; a streamlined, secure platform that is easy to use. Users can now be more productive and spend more time on what makes their business thrive.”

Experience the Future of Intelligent Meetings with Jabra PanaCast at ISE
Jabra will also showcase its latest video collaboration solutions, the Jabra PanaCast 50 and Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System, at ISE 2024. These cutting-edge solutions feature innovative AI-powered experiences, including the new Intelligent Meeting Space feature.

Now available, this feature empowers users to personalize and set virtual meeting space boundaries, ensuring only relevant participants within this defined area are included, while excluding bystanders and passersby.

Availability and pricing
Jabra+ for Admins for meeting rooms and video devices is currently available via an Early Adopter Program, with wider availability this summer. Personal device management is planned later this year. For more information, visit Jabra+ for Admins or contact your local Jabra sales representative. Jabra+ for Admins is free of charge.



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