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Control Concepts Supported Product Program Expands with New Manufacturers and Products

Control Concepts, founded in 1997, is working in software integration for manufacturers’ products with AV control systems, offering plugins, drivers, modules, middleware, and support, as well as system standardization and AV system consulting.

Control Concepts, Inc. has expanded its Control Concepts Supported Product program with Lutron, Nureva, Panasonic Connect, Smart Monkeys, and SurgeX.

This expansion aims to provide a definitive way for programmers to identify products with authorized, proven, and supported control modules, drivers, and plugins. The program assures manufacturers and programmers that these products have manufacturer backing, control platform endorsement, and active support from Control Concepts’ experienced team of developers. This move emphasizes the importance of reliable control solutions and technical support for successful AV project outcomes.

Control Concepts, Inc., the premier software developer for the AV industry, is excited to announce the expansion of its Control Concepts Supported Product program with the addition of Lutron, Nureva, Panasonic Connect, Smart Monkeys, and SurgeX to join AVPro Edge, AtlasIED and Hunter Douglas.

“The Control Concepts Supported Product program continues to receive positive responses from both manufacturers and programmers who are seeking a definitive way to distinguish products that have authorized, proven, and supported control modules, drivers, and plugins,” remarked Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts President and Founder. “There are a lot of unofficial solutions that programmers can find themselves implementing without knowing. The Control Concepts Supported Product program brings to light products with authorized control integrations that are backed by the manufacturer, endorsed by the control platform, and actively supported by our experienced team of developers. Programmers in the field can rest assured that these products will be controlled effectively and that they will receive the technical support they need to resolve any programming challenges.”

The continued growth of this program demonstrates the importance and value that ease of control and product integration have to manufacturers while providing programmers with a tried-and-true solution that addresses their specific needs.

Manufacturers whose products are Control Concepts Supported benefit from the knowledge, experience, and reputation built over 25 years of the company’s rich history as AV control system programmers. Control Concepts Supported Products also offer specifiers confidence in choosing these products over alternatives that may not offer the same ease of control, programming, integration, and interoperability.

“When it comes to controlling products, we have found that even the best written and most fully vetted modules, drivers, and plugins do not guarantee successful project outcomes,” shared Brittany DiCesare, Director of Sales and Operations at Control Concepts. “It is our top-notch technical support and assurance that products will be controlled effectively, even when firmware versions change, that programmers and manufacturers value.”

“With numerous unofficial developments for control available in the market, programmers need to be able to trust in a manufacturer-backed solution,” continued DiCesare. “It is now imperative for programmers to seek out not only a quality-authored module, driver, or plugin to ensure guaranteed control results, they must also have the support they need to ensure a successful project implementation.”

The Control Concepts Supported Product program continues to raise the bar by setting a new standard in the industry, empowering integrators and programmers with the confidence that they can rely upon products with proven control backed by a company that understands the needs and challenges of AV programmers.


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