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Extron Electronics introduces the XPA U 758 8-channel half-rack amplifier

The XPA Ultra lineup includes single and side-by-side rack-mount hardware

Extron Electronics has introduced the XPA U 758, eight-channel half-rack amplifier. Offering eight channels at 75 watts per channel, the new XPA U 758 offers increased power, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. The XPA U 758 lets you install sixteen 75 watt channels in an unprecedented one rack space, without the need to waste empty rack spaces for ventilation. An Extron XPA Ultra amplifier lets you install more channels of more power into less space than ever before.

“Extron pioneered the use of Class D amplifiers in AV applications and our engineers continuously push the envelope of what’s possible with high performance power amplifier technologies.” Says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Extron. “This new model achieves a power rating previously thought impossible in this size.”

The XPA Ultra lineup of UL 2043 plenum rated amplifiers include single and side-by-side rack-mount hardware and a newly designed rear panel that makes installing the optional Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit easier than ever. Recessed, detented level controls with laser etched markings provide enhanced visibility and repeatability of settings.

For more information on the XPA U 758, click here.

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