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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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VNS to debut GeoBox video control solutions at ISE 2020

GeoBox is a range of standalone one-box processors for controlling video-wall content 

Taiwan-based VNS Inc. has announced that its latest GeoBox video control solutions will be demonstrated at ISE 2020. GeoBox is a range of innovative, cost-effective standalone one-box processors for controlling video-wall content and multiple edge-blending output from multiple projectors. 

Boasting high-quality image reproduction, all GeoBox solutions are 100% hardware and will control digital content from any input in any format, with no need for a separate PC. Unlimited displays and projectors can be controlled by multiple, cascading GeoBoxes.

VNS recently added 8K capability across its complete range of GeoBox solutions, natively supporting inputs of 8K/1K or 1K/8K at 30hz – and the products will debut at ISE 2020. Edge-blending projection solutions will benefit in particular, with the GeoBox 8K/1K support upgrade heralding the creation of uncomplicated 8K multi-projector projection systems.

In addition, the company will showcase its recently released new edge-blending range, the GeoBox M800. Available in two versions, the M800 and M800EX are the world’s first hardware projection mapping solutions and are perfect for applications when various source contents need to be switched from one to the other – and will be demonstrated at ISE with a FujiFilm projector (see separate partnership release). They boast more powerful processing capabilities than their predecessors and allow installers to implement digital mapping andedge-blend without the need for high-cost embedded projectors or media servers. 

In addition, the newly launched G901 processor will be demonstrated in combination with the M800 edge blender, showing curved edge-blending utilising two Epson projectors. Supporting both input and outputs at 4K/60hz, it is ideal for use as a front-end processor, providing extra functionalities to edge blending projection, such as PIP and POP on the entire image.

GeoBox edge-blending products have all of their functions embedded. A new concept to the professional AV market, the solutions allow installers to crop images, set overlap pixels, edge-blend and geometrically adjust images without the need for high-cost embedded projectors or media servers – and can be used with any projector, reducing costs for the whole system. Multiple daisy-chained GeoBoxes can create truly immersive experiences.

VNS will also debut its latest GeoBox videowall control solution, the super-creative, super-flexible G413 – the World’s first video wall control hardware supporting 360 degree image rotation. Allowing users to control multiple videowall displays at any angle (ie, not just 90, 180 or 270 degrees), without the need for additional software, the GeoBox G413 is unique to the market. No other solution allows unlimited angles without a separate software application; the G413 is a 100% one-box processor. [See dedicated press release for further information.]

Finally, a new 4k/2k @60Hz input and output front-end processor, the G901, will be revealed at ISE. The ideal front-end processor for large-scale display such as LED, video wall and multiple projector applications, the G901 is equipped with 3x HDMI 2.0, 2x DisplayPort 1.4 input and 1x HDMI 2.0 output ports. It delivers high-end scaling, with true 10-bit colour and 10-bit processing, PIP/POP, image rotation / flip, image anyplace cropping, flexible aspect ratio adjustment and creative video wall function. 

“We’re delighted to be able to showcase our latest GeoBox solutions at ISE 2020,” says VNS Inc. CEO Steve Wang. “There’s nothing available on the market like them, and AV professionals are going to enjoy reduced costs, easier installation and even more immersive and creative video-wall and edge-blending experiences once they start using them.”

VNS Inc. is exhibiting in hall 15 at ISE 2020, on booth 15-W265.

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For further information on GeoBox products, please visit http://matrix-works.eu/

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