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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Extron unveils new XMP 240 expansion matrix processor

The XMP 240 can be used standalone for matrix processing in an all-network audio system

Extron has introduced the XMP 240 Expansion Matrix Processor, featuring an extensive mix matrix with 24 channels of AEC and 48×48 Dante connectivity in only a half rack space. The XMP 240 can also be used standalone for matrix processing in an all network audio system. When connected to a DMP Plus Series processor via Dante or the EXP expansion port, a complete system is created that offers up to 36 channels of AEC, a USB audio interface, analog connectivity, and optional VoIP. A system expanded with an XMP 240 is capable of supporting multiple beam forming microphone arrays alongside numerous other Dante sources, with enough outputs to support multiple zones and destination devices. Ideal for network audio systems based on Dante or AES67, the XMP 240 allows for high channel count audio input and output processing.

“The ability to add 24 channels of AEC via a Dante network to a DMP based system gives our customers powerful flexibility and scalability for larger systems”, says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Extron. “This much processing power is unprecedented in a half-rack device that can be placed under a table or virtually anywhere requirements dictate.”

With connectivity for up to 48 sources and 48 destinations via Dante or AES67, the XMP 240 is ideal for applications that utilize many network audio devices. Dante Domain Manager support provides user authentication, role-based security, and seamless expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure.

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For more information on the XMP 240, click here.

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