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Kramer delivers XSPerience family of audio DSP solutions

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The new range offers a flexible approach to audio management

Kramer has blazed a trail of Pro AV innovation and reliable ingenuity that has benefitted end users and integrators alike for nearly 40 years. This ethos of continuous improvement was again evident at ISE 2020, as Kramer demonstrated its wholly flexible approach to audio management, with a new range of Kramer XSPerience products that offer complete connectivity freedom, as well as all transfer technologies covered.

Yuval Kramer, Director of Audio at Kramer, revealed the passion for seamless connectivity that drives the company’s XSPerience ethos: “We know AV and IT integrators face vast amount of challenges daily and never know what tomorrow brings, so we created a family of products that can cover almost any type of installation. Flexible ports give you the ability to have 12 inputs and 8 outputs for one installation, and with the same product also offer a 16×4, or a 6×14, or a 10×10 installation. The integrator can stock up on a single product and doesn’t need to worry about 6 different flavors. Consultants can design tens of different systems with the same DSP software and use it everywhere, while minimizing additional boxes and the connectivity issues without trying to chase the latest FW version of 8 different products. “

With new solutions for huddle rooms, conference rooms of any size, or large corporate connectivity, Kramer bring simplicity and ease to installers, end users and IT managers alike.

Hear everything in huddle spaces
Designed specifically for huddle spaces, the DSP-62-AEC from Kramer is a brand new, easy to install and simple to use plug-and-play mini-audio DSP solution. 

Meeting the needs and demands of organizations that continue to invest in huddle spaces to complement their larger meeting rooms, the new DSP-62-AEC ticks all the boxes for quality and reliability to guarantee the huddle space experience is maximized – keeping participants connected and the conversation flowing in more compact areas.

All prime connectivity options are catered for, with bi-directional audio via USB, dual HDMI inputs and one HDMI output with de-embedding to manage any type of presentation. DSP-62-AEC can support 4 analog microphones and an additional stereo audio input. Furthermore, DSP-62-AEC can route and mix any audio source, with a powerful DSP engine. Auto-switching HDMI, Class Complaint USB, AEC – Everything you need for any type of huddle space.

One box to rule them all
The latest AFM-20DSP audio matrix from Kramer does not limit integrators with fixed and rigid ports, but rather offers total compliance with whatever the system requires, as Kramer, explains: “The most common size DSP in the market is 12X8 – one seen and used in the majority of pro audio applications. Kramer wanted to disrupt this standard to offer flexible inputs and outputs, meaning scaling of your audio management is now the easiest of processes.”

The benefits of flexibility that Kramer brings to pro AV’s audio professionals cannot be over-exaggerated. If a user had a 12×8 configuration and wants more inputs – no problem. With the integrated Kramer Flex I/O technology, users can configure the device to 14 inputs and 6 outputs from the built-in web-based user interface and be up and running almost instantly.

Identifying and developing products to better meet customers’ needs is at the heart of Kramer’s product development program. Kramer continues: “We understand the AV challenges that we all face every day. We know that every room you design has a video system. So why should the audio be de-embedded from the presentation system and then inputted into the DSP taking expensive ports? We built an HDMI embedder and de-embedder in the box. So, in addition to your analog ports, you have HDMI connectivity that can be mixed, routed and distributed to any of the ports of the device. Analog, HDMI, S/PDIF, Dante, built-in power amplifier…whatever the user requires.”

The integrated Kramer Flex I/O technology enables users to configure the analogue port configuration as they wish, using the default 12 x 8 I/O matrix configuration or selecting from one of the many other preset I/O configurations. Users can route any input to any output, even between different formats (for example, route an analog input to an S/PDIF output). Control volume and DSP per port, and route any of the ports to the power amplifier.


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