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Monday, June 17, 2024
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HAVRION, Samsung partner on safety technology solutions

Samsung’s MagicINFO digital signage management platform is now a critical component to HAVRION’s solutions

HAVRION, a company dedicated to protecting life during emergency situations through the innovative use of technology and AI, announces a partnership with Samsung Electronics America.

“At HAVRION we are focused on enabling clients to use the Internet of Things (IOT) to detect the conditions in their environments that could impact the safety and security of students, staff, employees, or guests and provide simple, clear contextual information on what to do next,” said Daniel Rodriguez, HAVRION, CTO. “We accomplish this by using our software and hardware technology to connect sensors to various communications platforms. MagicINFO from Samsung is a critical component to our solution.  MagicINFO provides extensive enterprise digital signage management capabilities, but for us at HAVRION it is also a platform.  In our modern society, we are continuously presented with information on displays in every space we visit. Samsung is the clear leader in the display industry and we are strategically partnering with them to deliver the HAVRION experience on innovative Samsung display solutions. By showcasing our technology in Samsung’s Executive Briefing Centers (EBCs), customers will now be able to experience the offerings made possible by connecting smart sensors to smart signage.”

“Strategic partnerships allow us to further strengthen our digital signage portfolio and tailor our products to each individual application,” said Harry Patz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “Equipping Samsung displays with the HAVRION solution enables us to offer increased safety to all of our customers and users. With this solution, we are helping make facilities in Education, Hospitality, Businesses, and other public and private spaces safer environments for all who walk through the doors.”

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HAVRION’s solutions, from software integration platforms to microservices, offer IT administrators and property managers a seamless way to increase safety of their guests, students or patrons. Connect by HAVRION is a modern software integration platform designed to interconnect an environment’s physical and digital assets to enable end-to-end detection and communication. Protect by HAVRION is a series of microservices designed to create dynamic evacuation routes driven by artificial intelligence working in tandem with security devices such as gunshot detectors and other environmental sensors.

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