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BlackWire Designs adds ELAC custom install home audio products to lineup

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Dealers can now choose from a selection of ELAC’s advanced audio technology for distributed audio, media rooms, and more

BlackWire Designs has added the ELAC Custom Install line of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers to its offering of home audio products. Dealers can now choose from a selection of ELAC’s advanced audio technology for distributed audio, media rooms, and any other situation that calls for high-quality sound that should be heard but not seen. As part of the company’s award-winning support, BlackWire worked with ELAC to create a two-way IP control driver for Control4 systems, allowing integrators to design the ELAC speakers into new projects, as well as install them in existing Control4 environments where end-users want pristine audio. 

“ELAC is an exciting brand committed to developing highly efficient, premium speaker solutions for residential and commercial applications. Their custom installation products feature unique technology designed to save integrators time and money. They have a deserved reputation for bringing unparalleled sound to audiophiles everywhere, which is why it’s a favorite in home entertainment and distributed audio systems,” said Kevin Luther, owner of BlackWire Designs. “We’re excited to offer ELAC’s renowned quality and design to our dealers who rely on us for great speakers and amps with the technology and features homeowners appreciate. For example, the ELAC IS-AMP340 3.1 in-wall amplifier has Dolby Digital decoding, 40 watts-per-channel, and a calibration app. We’ve also made integration more efficient by creating a two-way IP control driver for Control4 systems.” 

ELAC’s Custom Install line of products is designed to provide the ultimate entertainment experience — from elaborate home theaters to background music for every room in the house — with zero footprint. Now available from BlackWire are a range of in-ceiling, in-wall, and on-wall speakers along with a selection of corresponding subwoofers, amplifiers, and accessories.

In-ceiling speakers include the Vertex 3.8-inch Ultra Compact ceiling speaker with a small opening and full range, the Vertex 6.5-inch and 8-inch ceiling speakers, and the Vertex 6.5-inch angled ceiling speaker designed for home theaters, with a 30-degree angled woofer and tweeter to direct the sound where it’s needed. All have a paintable white grill.

For in-wall stereo or surround sound installations, BlackWire is offering the ELAC Vertex 5.25-inch full range speaker and the ELAC IW-S10EQ in-wall 10-inch subwoofer/400W amplifier. The subwoofer/amplifier is designed to bring deep bass to any home theater or music system. It features ELAC’s exclusive, app-controlled Cabinet Volume Correction technology, while Auto-EQ assures the best performance no matter the volume of the wall or the placement.

In installations that don’t allow cutting into the wall, integrators may choose from small or large ELAC Muro on-wall speakers. The small speaker features a 1-inch soft dome tweeter, a 4-inch aluminum cone woofer, and a 4-inch aluminum passive radiator to assist with full sound, while the large version has a 1-inch soft dome tweeter, two 4-inch aluminum cone woofers, and two 4-inch aluminum passive radiators. Both can serve as left, right, or center for any TV setup. The on-wall lineup also includes 50-inch or 60-inch Muro on-wall soundbars. These passive three-channel soundbars deliver movies and music without the footprint of a traditional home theater speaker system. A dedicated center speaker ensures that dialogue is always at the forefront, while the left and right channels deliver the performance and impact of traditional bookshelf speakers.

Also available are two wall-mountable subwoofers in 8-inch and 10-inch versions with 250 watt and 500W BASH amplifiers, respectively. The subwoofers come in sleek, slim enclosures that can be installed multiple ways to ensure amazing bass response while being out of sight. As an accessory, integrators may purchase the ELAC wireless subwoofer transmitter, which lets integrators install subwoofers wirelessly in any room.

BlackWire is offering four different ELAC amplifiers. The IS-AMP340 in-wall digital amplifier is loaded with features packed into a small chassis to fit into tight spaces. It works as both a two- or three- channel amplifier for stereo or full Dolby Digital decoding. Integrators may also choose from DSP matrix amplifiers covering eight channels/four zones, 12 channels/six zones, or 16 channels/eight zones. All DSP matrix amplifiers feature speaker presets for ELAC plus the ability to modify the full parametric EQ per zone. Included are eight assignable analog outputs, which allow integrators to configure a combination of LFE or stereo outs to a secondary amplifier locked to each zone.

“ELAC is an iconic brand with unparalleled 90-year history. Our innovative products and technology complement the technical prowess of BlackWire very well,” said Jim Kordel, senior vice president of sales at ELAC. “We’re very excited to have BlackWire as a distributor and development partner. It allows ELAC to maximize the fluidity of our product interfaces and drivers for the custom market.”

BlackWire’s selection of ELAC Custom Install products is now in stock at blackwiredesigns.com.


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