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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
YOU ARE AT:NewsCarousel Digital Signage launches program to simplify K12 deployments

Carousel Digital Signage launches program to simplify K12 deployments

The company will offer a special solution for K12 customers that leverages its subscription-based Carousel Cloud SaaS platform and existing playback devices and displays

While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted K12 education worldwide, hope remains strong to resume traditional classroom learning for the 2020-21 school year. With 2020-21 purchasing cycles quickly approaching, Carousel Digital Signage is launching a new program to help K12 districts snd schools streamline the process – and minimize the costs – of launching or upgrading a digital signage network.

“Most K12 districts and schools have passed their 2020-21 budgets, which means that IT departments will soon specify new displays, projectors, digital signage and other AV systems,” said JJ Parker, CEO, Carousel Digital Signage. “This year’s purchasing cycle will be very compressed, as schools continue to adjust to distance learning. Carousel Digital Signage has the strategy and technical infrastructure to help our customers meet these tighter deadlines.”

Carousel Digital Signage will offer a special, “very aggressively-priced” solution for K12 customers, leveraging its subscription-based Carousel Cloud SaaS platform and, where possible, existing playback devices and displays. Carousel Cloud’s software-defined architecture eliminates the need to install traditional hardware servers – along with their expense and maintenance – in favor of a lightweight, off-premise IT infrastructure.

Deployments are further accelerated by using Apple TV devices or BrightSign media players, both of which offer immediate, proven interoperability with Carousel Digital Signage software.  The overall strategy is an ideal representation of Carousel Digital Signage’s low-cost, “shrinkwrap-to-signage” business model.

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“We will help districts and schools keep their technology overhead low, and all but eliminate the need for onsite integration,” said Parker. “Many schools already have Apple TV devices, which automatically convert to digital signage players when connected to our CMS. BrightSign media players are also a top choice for schools worldwide that have functional digital signage networks today. This means that the majority of our K12 end customers, and the resellers and integrators that work with them, have a plug-and-play solution that is ready to go on short notice.”

More information, including a signup portal for pricing, can be found at https://www.carouselsignage.com/pricing/cloud-k12-lead.

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