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Understanding Personality Types for Increased Productivity and Success

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Building relationships, servicing clients, working in teams, and managing projects all rely on one’s ability to work well with other people. Since the world is comprised of a wide variety of individuals, the ability to get along and thrive in inter-personal situations can be challenge. This is especially true when considering multidisciplinary activities or work teams involving sales, marketing, engineering, project management, and programming such as in the AV industry.

By understanding how a person is “wired”, challenges can be overcome leading to successful engagement and outcomes. It all starts with first understanding your own makeup and how you are received by others. Then, through the ability to assess other peoples’ personality, adjustments can be made in communication styles, approach, and tempo to yield positive and productive results.

This interactive session will utilize personality profiles to demonstrate behavioral differences of the four main types of people and apply this knowledge to day-to-day business in the AV industry.


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