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Collaboration Squared showcases video conferencing portal, Video Window

The platform  creates an extension of physical space for inter-office and remote employee communication

Collaboration Squared has debuted the first always-on video conferencing portal, Video Window. The platform  creates an extension of physical space for inter-office and remote employee communication.

Video Window Office is fully immersive and life-sized with features such as grabbing somebody’s attention by just simply tapping on the screen to ‘knock’ to the far side. No calls to set up, no links to join, just click join audio and you are on. Video Window Remote works on a laptop or desktop computer and gives home based employees the opportunity to feel present and connected with co-workers. 

According to Collaboration Squared, Video Window is not just another “video conferencing app”. From the beginning it was created to connect two or more office common areas, to make it feel like you are in the same physical space. Typically Video Window is installed on large 55in.-plus displays in either landscape or portrait. The working hours are preconfigured to completely automate the process of the always-on connections.

One of the main focuses of the platform is how the audio functions for privacy. While the video may be on for the duration of the day, the audio is off by default. Each device audio is separated meaning colleagues can have side conversations throughout the day without disturbing the rest of the group.

The remote team members start the day with video off, but they still have a feeling of connection and presence with their team as they see live statuses of their other teammates and devices in their assigned group. When they are ready to get on video, they just click on a video toggle switch and are instantly in. They can turn the video feed off and on throughout the day as they wish.

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Always-on doesn’t mean unsecured. In fact, from an IT security standpoint you can talk only with people and devices within your specific group, administered via a central management console. Only registered authenticated users and devices can join the Video Window session to ensure the highest security standard possible so there is no chance of unwanted guests. 

Stephen Sevastopulo, co-founder of Collaboration Squared said: “We are entering a time where countries are relaxing lockdown at different times and in different ways.  What is clear is that this will be staggered with some employees in the office and some at home.  Video Window is designed to bridge that gap, to make the office and home worker connected without invading the privacy of either.  Instant video between remote locations — initiated by the individual employee.”

Daryl Hutchings, co-founder of Collaboration Squared said: “Unlike traditional video conferencing, the purpose of Video Window is to help team members feel like they are in the same physical space. With employees forced to work from home we understand; more than ever – the need for human connection and it’s mental health benefits. The goal with our new remote team capability is to help the employees feel less isolated, more engaged and encourage spontaneous communication”

Both Video Window Office and Video Window Remote are available now and Collaboration Squared is offering up to 10 Video Window licenses per company for free for a limited time during the current crisis. 


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