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Panduit, MIT Technology Review Insights look at global digital transformation

Technology executives interviewed for the report provided an up-to-date perspective on the disruptive technologies fueling global digital transformation

Panduit, a global leader in innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions, and MIT Technology Review Insights, the custom publishing division of MIT Technology Review, released a new industry report that provides an up-to-date perspective on the disruptive technologies fueling global digital transformation: Intelligent Infrastructure:  How an agile, robust, and flexible IT infrastructure can make or break digital transformation.

Panduit MIT issue new global transformation report

In a highly competitive global environment, further strained by an unprecedented pandemic, businesses require data and analytics to resolve operational dilemmas, highlight avenues for growth, and increase the productivity of dispersed employees.  While digital transformation is well-underway at many organizations, a truly digital-first business environment increasingly requires integrating applications, data, and management across all cloud providers and locations.  This integration requires an IT infrastructure that ensures reliability, will scale to meet demands, and delivers flexibility for an evolving environment.

Technology executives interviewed for this report span the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing market sectors. They indicate that most key strategic technology initiatives are driven by the need to grow with greater agility and adapt to rapidly changing commercial, environmental, and regulatory conditions. Use cases include: AI for recognizing a customer’s pet, IoT networks that assess bushfire risk, real-time patient interactions through mobile apps, and blockchain-secured supplier tracing for palm oil commodities.  Whether it is 5G, migrating to hybrid cloud, or moving toward the Edge, technology leaders are deploying network infrastructures that are reliable, scalable, and flexible.

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