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Crestron unveils Cameo universal wireless dimmers

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The new dimmers feature advanced flicker reduction for LED loads, customizable dim curves, reliable inifiNET EX wireless mesh communication, and more

Crestron has introduced new Crestron Cameo Universal Wireless Dimmers — a cost-effective lighting control option that offers residential systems integrators the flexibility to design lighting projects before the load types have been defined. Cameo dimmers auto-select the ideal dimming voltage for LED, incandescent, and magnetic or electronic low voltage connections, so integrators no longer need to stress over what lighting fixtures will be in a home.

Working natively with the Crestron Home app, Cameo Universal Wireless Dimmers are feature-rich with advanced flicker reduction for LED loads, customizable dim curves, reliable inifiNET EX wireless mesh communication, and include robust protection against miswiring, short circuits, and MLV saturation. Available in 12 Cameo designer styles and colors, the dimmers also offer customizable button layouts and engraving at a competitive price.

Models & Color Options:

CLW-DIMUEX-P-W-S (White Smooth)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-W-T (White Textured)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-A-S (Almond Smooth)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-A-T (Almond Textured)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-B-S (Black Smooth)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-B-T (Black Textured)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-LAT-T (Latte Textured)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-BRN-S (Brown Smooth)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-DA-S (Dark Almond Smooth)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-DSK-T (Dusk Textured)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-GRY-S (Gray Smooth)
CLW-DIMUEX-P-IVR-S (Ivory Smooth)

To learn more visit Crestron.



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