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LG launches new LSAA LED Signage series

LG designed this solution around a single LED cabinet hub that provides power and signal to the entire signage display without additional cabling between cabinets

LG Business Solutions is launching its most advanced LED Signage system in the United States in August. The LG LSAA LED Signage series, which represents the pinnacle of LG’s giant-screen performance, design and integration, will be available initially in a 1.2mm pixel pitch version, followed by 0.9 and 1.5mm models later this year.

“Addressing what customers and integrators are clamoring for, we combined stunning visual performance with incredible ease of assembly,” said Dan Smith, vice president, business development, LG Business Solutions USA. “The LSAA series builds on LG’s legacy of leadership in OLED and LCD technologies, bringing our processing technologies from premium TVs and our solution integration platforms from digital signage systems to the commercial large format market for the first time.”

Thanks to its cable-less block-assembly design, the LSAA makes constructing large displays essentially as simple as stacking modules, he explained. LG designed this solution around a single LED cabinet hub that provides power and signal to the entire signage display without additional cabling between cabinets. LG’s non-contact connector technology powers each display via pin connectors located on the edges of the LED cabinet hub. This enables simpler assembly, saving time and money, Smith said.

The LED cabinet allows installers to connect multiple displays to achieve the desired size. With straightforward installation and expandability, the LSAA can be set up or reconfigured onsite in a fraction of the time it takes to install other LED displays. Wall mounts and frame-type accessories offer a number of installation options to meet the diverse requirements of different site conditions and customers’ needs. LG’s onscreen user interface helps simplify set-up and calibration, too.

Delivering superb video performance, the LG LSAA processor is based on AI-powered image processing technology used in premium LG 4K UHD TVs to enhance resolution, noise reduction, sharpness, color and contrast. In addition, LG’s custom coding and interface logic simplifies integrating common video conferencing and control systems.

Suitable even for up-close uses such as corporate meeting centers and board rooms, LG LSAA Series systems are certified as EMC Class B, which covers electronic equipment made for use in residential, commercial, industrial and business environments. EMC Class B certification means the LG LSAA produces low amounts of electromagnetic energy that can interfere with other systems or create excess electromagnetic noise.

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Because four RGB pixels are assembled in a single, secure package, there is a reduced exposure to impact damage compared to the single LED package design. This results in enhanced durability in transportation, delivery, installation and operation. In addition, the common cathodes of the LEDs are connected to a single pin to prevent unnecessary power consumption, delivering only the required voltage to each sub-pixel.

Maintenance is easier and faster with Signage365Care.* LG’s optional cloud-based service solution remotely manages the status of displays for fault diagnosis and remote-control services, helping to enable stable operation for clients’ businesses.

For more information about LG LED Signage displays, visit LGsolutions.com.

* Availability of Signage365Care service differs by region; please contact LG sales representatives for more details.

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