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Head of National eSports Assoc keynoting Future conference

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Lori Bajorek kicks off Esports & Education Conference

Lori Bajorek, president of the National eSports Association, the first group for physical education to work together to lay the foundations for an inclusive player community, will keynote 

Leveling Up: Up:  The Esports and Education Conference & Expo on Friday, December 4, 2020.

“Lori has devoted much of her career to diversity and equality in tourism, and we are pleased that she is speaking about these issues at our conference,” said Megan A. Dutta, Content Director, Systems Contractor News. “During his dynamic keynote, Lori will share his experience firsthand and discuss his commitment to building a dedicated online community focused on education, diversity, and inclusion.”

“Esport is more than just a game; it’s a path to success for our digitized young people,” Bajorek added. “I’m happy to share with the leveling up participants what I’ve seen on the front line and start a conversation about how we can collectively benefit from the power of training and move forward.”

The Bajorek keynote, titled”Esports is More Than a Game: Building an Online Engaged 

Community” will report on concrete examples of success stories and how esports can play a crucial role in our current educational challenges, including in a world of distance learning. 

For more information or to register, visit eduesportsexpo.com.



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