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Bradford Benn launches Advisist consultancy

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Manufacturers, dealers, end-users can get access to Benn’s decades of expertise

ORLANDO, FL, November 13, 2020 13:13 EST: After working in professional audio, video, and lighting for over three decades, today Bradford Benn announced the launch of Advisist Group, his personal consultancy firm. Advisist will use Benn’s wide range of experience to provide companies with guidance, staff enhancement, design services, training, media services and much more.

At the core of Advisist are five main beliefs: people over profit, do what is right, open communication, support people and companies we know, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

According to Benn, “Advisist will not be a typical firm. The way we work has evolved as have world conditions. The ‘gig’ economy and temporary staffing have proven that sometimes all that is needed is help for the short term, which is perfectly reasonable. The goal is long-term relationships that are beneficial to both parties while not saddling either with unneeded expenses.”

Advisist Group, LLC is a technology consultancy specializing in professional audio video for the fixed installation market. Their website is located at https://advisist.com. The phonetic representation of Advisist is/ ædˈvaɪz ɪst /. The emphasis is on the second syllable. [ ad-vahyz-ist ].If you would like to hear it pronounced, please follow this link


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