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Digital Signage Software: A New Foundation for Public Safety

By: Tomer Mann, EVP, 22Miles

Digital signage and robust content management are no longer bells and whistles when it comes to running a business; they are critical engagement tools that promote public safety and productivity alike. Efficiency remains a priority as operations come back to life across industries, but public health initiatives to combat COVID-19 are more critical than ever to halt viral spread.

With the latest innovations in digital signage software, managers have no shortage of options for building a solid foundation for public health, and even when the time comes for companies shift away from COVID restrictions, there are still bountiful opportunities to leverage the displays and sensors for check-in and virtual receptionist to enhance safety, agility, and long-term remote work trends. Today’s implementations are slated to transform facilities to offer a better, more dynamic experience. Let’s dive into three ways that digital content and displays are supporting public safety and the long-term return to normal.

A Fresh Start at the Entrance

Digital signage software has evolved with the COVID-19 crisis to offer access control technologies and efficient methods of monitoring occupancy. Check-in kiosks are spiking in popularity, positioned at points of entry to present surveys and questionnaires to guests upon arrival. With the right content management software, managers can customize welcome screens with their local or company guidelines to communicate critical public safety information and prompt visitors to complete wellness surveys directly on the screen, or via their mobile device to reduce touch points on public touch screens.

Voice control prompts are also becoming increasingly popular to reduce physical touchpoints, along with virtual receptionist solutions that allow administrators to safely video chat and check in occupants via a live video stream. When coupled with other innovations in digital signage software – touch-free check-in and COVID-19 screening, facial and mask recognition, multi-user tracking, and thermal scanning – AV managers have a robust and unique setup to reduce viral spread.

Get to Where You’re Going – And Stay Safe When You Arrive

Beyond entry control, hotdesking and room scheduling technologies improve the visitor experience and ensure safety at other touchpoints throughout the building. Hotdesking leverages wayfinding and room booking in tandem to communicate occupancy and room availability on-screen with easy-to-update, real-time, color coded mapping, helping occupants arrive at their destination in a facility with fewer touchpoints.

The data-driven hotdesking process can be vital in reassuring guests that their space has been recently cleaned and can also provide precise direction for contact-tracing. Managers can leverage this technology to support social distancing by reconfiguring occupancies and navigation based on patterns and risks gleaned in the data, an invaluable and effective resource for closely monitor safety while driving business processes.

The Bridge from Point A to Point B

Wayfinding throughout the building bridges access control and hotdesking for seamless and low risk navigation. Digital wayfinding prompts positioned throughout the building, in tandem with voice and mobile control, reduce physical touchpoints and keep guests on track to their destination.

Secure mobile technology allows guests to carry companies’ custom wayfinding maps and directions within individual mobile devices for a smooth, contactless, and accessible way of navigating the premises. By simply scanning a unique QR code on a public signage screen, users receive wayfinding information on their web browser tablet to streamline navigation and contract tracing to a single device.

By implementing the recent innovations in content management software and wayfinding, AV integrators are uniquely positioned to support business continuity while promoting both a safe and creative experience for occupants.

About Tomer Mann

Tomer Mann is the EVP and SVP, sales and operations for 22Miles. As a veteran in the digital signage industry with more than ten years, Tomer Mann strives to enhance visual communication consulting services to higher education, hospitality, retail, transportation, government, corporate, venues, healthcare, and other large organizations. With a firm belief that technology is key to enhancing people’s daily lives, he has made it his passion always to innovate and provide next-generation applications that simplify digital content, which delivers a unique and sustainable experience for all users. Ultimately, his goal is to help customers and partners create custom, self-service technology solutions that outlast the rest.

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