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A2v consulting group amplifies patient experience at RW Perio in London

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — RW Perio is a global specialist private clinic dedicated to the treatment of periodontal (gum) diseases and maintaining optimum perio health. Founded by Dr. Reena Wadia, the cutting-edge facility is located in Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA), recognized as London’s most renowned area for medical excellence.

Dr. Reena lectures internationally and teaches courses for newly qualified dentists and hygienists. She is consistently featured in the media, regularly contributing to publications including “British Vogue,” “Harper’s Bazaar UK” and the “Daily Mail.” Dr. Reena is an acclaimed influencer in the dental industry and contributes to her practice through medical journals and social media content. In her latest venture, Dr. Reena is raising the bar for medical excellence at her new clinic, RW Perio.

Technology has pushed consumers to expect new standards in customer experience, and the medical industry is no exception. Patients have come to expect new amenities, and RW Perio is the latest medical facility investing in technology to create a unique patient experience. “RW Perio is London’s leading gum specialist. It’s our priority to ensure that our patients have the best experience,” said Nilkanth Patel, operations director of RW Perio. “We pride ourselves in the experience we provide because it is unlike any other medical facility in London. In our new clinic, our guests can customize their experience by selecting the music they want to listen to and the shows they’d like to watch.”

RW Perio recently relocated to a new office in HSMA and selected a2v consulting group to design, engineer and integrate a user-friendly AV system. “We required a solution that was simple for Dr. Reena and the staff at RW Perio,” noted Patel. “The turnaround time for a dental procedure is often quick, so we needed to incorporate technology that was easy to control yet customizable for the guest experience. A2v selected Bay Tech Design Group, the consultant and integration coordinator for this installation, to integrate a seamless AV system. They integrated an enterprise-grade control system from Crestron for a simplified user experience. The control system enables our staff to easily control the audio, video, lighting and shades.”

“I’ve worked with a2v on a few projects and it’s really great when you have a synergy between everyone involved,” said Jonathan Cioffi, chief executive officer for Bay Tech Design Group. “This isn’t my first venture into creative healthcare experience spaces – I have extensive background working with audio and visual control in a clinical setting but this was a unique project because of RW Perio’s emphasis on patients experience. We wanted to create a solution that was easy for the staff to utilize while remaining accessible for the patients. The system had to blend seamlessly into RW Perio’s design and aesthetics to provide a consistent experience for the patients from the moment they walk into the door.”

RW Perio’s office features a modern, minimalist design and incorporates natural light and an original fireplace. It was important for a2v and Bay Tech Design Group to create a system that matched the aesthetics of the facility. “A2v integrated a Red Dot Logics high-resolution LED display on the ceiling of the operatory, or the working space of the clinic, to entertain our patients while receiving treatment,” explained Patel. “The 1.2-millimeter pixel pitch LED display from Red Dot Logics, a division of a2v, creates a superior viewing experience for our guests. A2v designed a system with minimal wires to complement the modern design of the facility. An additional video display was installed on the wall of the operatory to display real-time camera imaging — this allows the patient to view their medical imaging and determine the appropriate treatment necessary.”

Red Dot Logics’ ultra light-weight and thin narrow pixel pitch series is designed for full front access with the flexibility for nearly any application. “The high-resolution LED displays from Red Dot Logics are unique because of their incredible versatility and ease of installation,” explained Ritesh Patel, president of LED division for Red Dot Logics. “Our displays are much thinner than the competition because of our custom power supplies, which enables the displays to be mounted virtually anywhere. A traditional television has a bezel and isn’t intended to be mounted on the ceiling, so the viewing experience isn’t ideal. By incorporating our high-resolution LED displays, we were able to provide RW Perio with a solution that enabled a high-quality, reliable picture that was uniquely versatile for their design.”

Dr. Reena enjoys sharing what she learns and contributing to the profession through interviews and virtual training opportunities. A2v needed to create a space for Dr. Reena to mentor dental professionals and share her insight. “A2v integrated additional video displays in our training facility,” said Patel. “Visionary’s AV over IP technology was utilized to transmit the real-time medical imaging to the video displays in the training room. Dr. Reena can perform surgeries and relay the video to the training room for dental students and master classes. Most importantly, the entire system is seamless. Our hygienists can pick up a camera and it’s automatically on the video display.”

By combining outstanding value, performance, flexibility and quality, Visionary has become a trusted partner for a2v. “Visionary has an extensive line of ultra-low latency video networking products to create a scalable solution for IP networks,” said Scott Freshman, chief operating officer for Visionary. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with a2v and provide immense benefits to RW Perio through our AV over IP technologies. These days, it’s hard to find audio and visual integration companies that make the effort to add value for their customers by providing truly integrated best-of-breed solutions. A2v works with high-profile customers that demand the best — they understand how to deliver great systems that meet their customers’ needs without busting their budgets.”

Dr. Reena is known for providing her patients with a first-class experience. She has been recognized among the Dentistry Top 50 put out by It was important for Dr. Reena to have a space that combines cutting-edge medical devices and technology that provides a luxury patient experience. “Our objective is to provide our clients with a luxury experience by incorporating the latest technology,” said Patel. “We’re setting a new standard for medical facilities by providing unique amenities to our clients. Oftentimes, periodontal treatment can be invasive. We want to create a stress-free, comfortable experience for our patients.”

Patel added, “Our new facility is the talk of the town. Our clients at RW Perio have been blown away by the capabilities at our new clinic. We’ve had a great experience working with a2v in the past, and our latest project with them exceeded our expectations. Most importantly, a2v designed a flexible system that will allow us to continue to customize and increase our technological capabilities as our needs continue to grow.”

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